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"TRIAGE - Totally Random Investigation After Guesswork Examination"

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ABCD2 TIA risk

AMTS Chart

ASIA Classification of Spinal Cord Injury

Canadian C-Spine Rule

CG176 Head Injury Imaging algorithm



Dermatome Map

Glasgow-Blatchford Score

Gustilo Open Fracture Classification

NEXUS C-Spine Rule

Ottawa Ankle rules

Ottawa SAH rule

Parkland Tables

SOFA chart

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TIMI Score

Wells DVT Score

Westley Croup Score

West Mids Trauma Triage Tool

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My Favorite Medical Infographics

List of Nice Guidelines decending by date

O&G Green Top Guidelines

Calculators spreadsheet

Drug Calculator spreadsheet

Drug Doses

Intranasal Diamorrphine

LEMON airway assessment

MMSE Chart

NIHSS Score Sheet

NIHSS Diagrams

Paeds APLS formulae

Paediatric Vital Signs

SCAT5 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool


Obs Chart

SSRI Toxic Doses

RCEM Norad Infusion Chart

BSPED DKA calculator 2015

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