My Favorite EM Papers

109 KB2019_03_18 NEJM The RACE to Treat Atrial Fibrillation.pdf03/19/2019 08:38
355 KB2019_03_18 NEJM Early or Delayed Cardioversion in Recent-Onset Atrial Fibrillation.pdf03/19/2019 08:16
996 KB2019_03_16 BMJ Health Anxiety.pdf03/16/2019 13:56
1,052 KB2019_03_16 BMJ Can environmental assessment and modification prevent falls in community dwelling older people.pdf03/16/2019 13:57
830 KB2019_03_16 BMJ Adrenalin can restart the heart, but is no good for the brain.pdf03/16/2019 13:59
665 KB2019_03_09 BMJ Assessing an acutely disturbed person in the community.pdf03/12/2019 10:19
2,228 KB2019_02 EMJ Approach to syncope in the emergency department.pdf02/26/2019 19:12
701 KB2019_01_19 BMJ How to get started in quality improvement.pdf01/21/2019 13:27
785 KB2019_01_19 BMJ HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).pdf01/21/2019 13:25
907 KB2019_01_19 BMJ Herpes zoster ophthalmicus.pdf01/20/2019 12:33
928 KB2019_01_12 BMJ Herpes zoster infection.pdf01/19/2019 10:09
9,159 KB2019_01_05 BMJ Periocular Rash.pdf01/11/2019 16:58
426 KB2019_01 J Trauma Acute Care Surg Clearing the cervical spine in patients with distracting injuries An AAST multi-institutional trial.pdf03/11/2019 14:33
211 KB2019_01 EMJ Understanding the management of patients with head injury taking warfarin - the AHEAD Study.pdf02/18/2019 09:07
483 KB2019_01 Ann EM Should Adults With Mild Head Injury Who Are Receiving Direct Oral Anticoagulants Undergo CT.pdf02/03/2019 14:25
367 KB2019 Heart Diagnostic accuracy of the T-MACS decision aid with a contemporary point-of-care troponin assay.pdf01/31/2019 20:06
274 KB2019 Ann Emerg Med Prevalence of Pulmonary Embolism Among Emergency Department Patients With Syncope.pdf02/12/2019 09:17
406 KB2018_12_28 JAMA Paediatrics Effect of Intranasal Ketamine vs Fentanyl on Pain Reduction.pdf02/27/2019 01:00
670 KB2018_12_08 BMJ Assessment and initial management of acute undifferentiated fever in tropical and subtropical regions.pdf12/30/2018 09:09
232 KB2018_12_04 Am J Emerg Med Hemorrhagic risk and intracranial complications in patients with minor head injury (MHI) taking different oral anticoagulants.pdf12/31/2018 22:15
4,745 KB2018_12 EMJ Collapse in the scrum.pdf12/30/2018 14:43
607 KB2018_11_29 BMJ HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).pdf12/03/2018 09:00
681 KB2018_11_21 FRAM method in Sepsis Pathways.pdf11/28/2018 10:10
2,228 KB2018_11_04 EMJ Approach to syncope in the emergency department.pdf01/24/2019 20:48
691 KB2018_11_03 BMJ Renal replacement therapy NG107 .pdf11/03/2018 09:41
653 KB2018_10_27 BMJ Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding.pdf10/28/2018 09:17
456 KB2018_10_24 BMJ Oxygen therapy for acutely ill medical patients.pdf10/28/2018 09:42
409 KB2018_10_23 Everything is awesome Don’t forget the Lego.pdf11/28/2018 10:15
346 KB2018_10_17 JAMA Surgery Effect of Cricoid Pressure Compared With a Sham Procedure in the Rapid Sequence Induction of Anesthesia.pdf11/14/2018 20:40
1,140 KB2018_10_13 BMJ What treatments are effective for common cold in adults and children.pdf10/14/2018 13:05
1,100 KB2018_10_13 BMJ Managing long term indwelling urinary catheters.pdf10/14/2018 13:04
270 KB2018_10 Eu J EM Enhanced triage for patients with suspected cardiac chest pain HE-MACS.pdf10/13/2018 16:27
516 KB2018_10 EMJ Interventions to improve patient flow in emergency departments an umbrella review.pdf11/13/2018 13:19
219 KB2018_10 Ann Intern Med Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism During Pregnancy.pdf11/17/2018 16:50
81 KB2018_10 Ann EM The 2018 Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s Treatment Bundle.pdf10/08/2018 21:03
965 KB2018_10 Ann EM Intramuscular Midazolam, Olanzapine, Ziprasidone or Haloperidol for Treating Acute Agitation.pdf10/15/2018 11:19
276 KB2018_10 Acad Emerg Med A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Ketamine as an Alternative to Opioids for Acute Pain in The ED.pdf10/17/2018 18:02
1,358 KB2018_09_29 BMJ Chronic heart failure in adults summary of updated NG106.pdf10/02/2018 09:48
529 KB2018_09_22 BMJ Prostate Cancer Screening.pdf09/25/2018 07:51
1,597 KB2018_09_22 BMJ Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.pdf09/25/2018 07:53
1,446 KB2018_09_15 BMJ Summary of NICE guideline NG104.pdf09/25/2018 07:56
908 KB2018_09_08 BMJ New diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in primary care.pdf09/08/2018 10:07
1,212 KB2018_09_08 BMJ Corticosteroid therapy for sepsis.pdf09/08/2018 10:06
398 KB2018_09_05 BMJ Prostate cancer screening with PSA rapid recommendation.pdf09/08/2018 10:08
2,699 KB2018_09_01 BMJ Managing scarlet fever.pdf09/02/2018 11:11
1,679 KB2018_09 Nature Intravenous fluid therapy in critically ill adults.pdf08/19/2018 15:07
1,800 KB2018_09 BJ Hosp Med What should we do about crowding in Emergency Departments.pdf10/04/2018 23:09
539 KB2018_09 Annals of EM Should Adults With Mild Head Injury Who Are Receiving Direct Oral Anticoagulants Undergo CT.pdf09/30/2018 21:22
379 KB2018_09 AJEM The controversial role of dual sequential defibrillation in shockable cardiac arrest.pdf11/17/2018 13:31
283 KB2018_09 Acad Emerg Med Multicenter Evaluation of the YEARS Criteria in Emergency Department Patients Evaluated for Pulmonary Embolism.pdf10/17/2018 18:18
473 KB2018_08-28 Lancet High-sensitivity troponin in the evaluation of patients with suspected ACS.pdf09/16/2018 18:14
488 KB2018_08_28 JAMA Effect of a Strategy of a Supraglottic Airway Device vs Tracheal Intubation During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. The AIRWAYS-2 Randomized Clinical Trial..pdf03/11/2019 14:26
644 KB2018_08_18 BMJ Overdiagnosis in primary care.pdf08/18/2018 09:20
701 KB2018_08_18 BMJ Diagnosis and management of rheumatoid arthritis in adults summary of updated NICE guidance.pdf08/18/2018 09:22
1,197 KB2018_08_04 BMJ Primary and metastatic brain tumours in adults summary of NICE guidance.pdf08/06/2018 20:23
960 KB2018_08_04 BMJ Latest guidance on the management of gout.pdf08/06/2018 20:27
361 KB2018_08 EMJ Paediatric traumatic cardiac arrest algorithm.pdf09/22/2018 14:24
210 KB2018_08 Ann EM The Newest Threat to Emergency Department Procedural Sedation.pdf09/15/2018 19:33
138 KB2018_08 Ann EM Is Low-Dose Ketamine an Effective Alternative to Opioids.pdf09/15/2018 19:37
142 KB2018_08 Ann EM Are Corticosteroids Superior to Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in the Treatment of Acute Gout.pdf09/15/2018 19:44
263 KB2018_07_19 Acad Emerg Med Low-dose Magnesium Sulfate Versus High Dose in the Early Management of Rapid Atrial Fibrillation.pdf12/02/2018 17:17
279 KB2018_07_18 NEJM A Randomized Trial of Epinephrine in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.pdf07/19/2018 12:22
4,008 KB2018_07_14 BMJ Pulmonary arterial hypertension.pdf07/15/2018 13:04
687 KB2018_07_06 Ketamine for Rapid Sedation of Agitated Patients.pdf09/16/2018 08:23
829 KB2018_06_18 BMJ The trauma call.pdf07/05/2018 12:23
186 KB2018_06_16 BMJ The trauma call timeline.pdf07/05/2018 12:24
1,206 KB2018_06_09 BMJ Chronic pancreatitis.pdf06/08/2018 20:04
180 KB2018_06_05 Acad Emerg Med Predictors of Oral Antibiotic Treatment Failure for Non-Purulent Skin and Soft Tissue Infections.pdf11/17/2018 12:47
626 KB2018_06_02 BMJ Altitude sickness and acetazolamide.pdf06/02/2018 09:08
191 KB2018_06 EMJ Sepsis-3 and simple rules.pdf06/07/2018 10:40
1,028 KB2018_05_15 Lancet Tranexamic acid for hyperacute primary IntraCerebral Haemorrhage (TICH-2).pdf11/14/2018 20:35
382 KB2018_05_14 AnnEM Abscess Incision and Drainage With or Without Ultrasonography.pdf08/29/2018 00:56
177 KB2018_05_06 EMJ Fluid therapy in the emergency department.pdf05/30/2018 16:19
6,723 KB2018_05 Circulation Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Infants and Children With Cardiac Disease - AHA Statement.pdf09/17/2018 09:18
190 KB2018_04_26 NEJM Toxidrome Recognition in Chemical-Weapons Attacks.pdf06/11/2018 17:39
1,955 KB2018_04_21 BMJ Posterior circulation ischaemic stroke.pdf04/22/2018 10:46
1,191 KB2018_04_21 BMJ An approach to hip pain in a young adult.pdf04/22/2018 10:45
994 KB2018_04_19 ICM The Surviving Sepsis Campaign Bundle 2018 Update.pdf04/27/2018 08:28
1,233 KB2018_04_14 BMJ Lyme disease.pdf04/15/2018 22:03
288 KB2018_04_12 NEJM Diagnostic Use of Base Excess in Acid–Base Disorders.pdf06/11/2018 17:37
1,173 KB2018_04_05 EMJ Risk stratifying chest pain patients in the emergency department using HEART, GRACE and TIMI.pdf04/14/2018 09:27
165 KB2018_04 Pediatr Crit Care Med Low-Dose Epinephrine Boluses for Acute Hypotension in the PICU.pdf09/17/2018 09:29
830 KB2018_04 Lancet Mortality and morbidity in acutely ill adults treated with liberal versus conservative oxygen therapy.pdf02/03/2019 13:58
673 KB2018_04 EMJ Orthostatic blood pressure recovery patterns in suspected syncope.pdf05/29/2018 09:56
985 KB2018_04 EMJ Lung ultrasound a useful tool in the assessment of the dyspnoeic patient.pdf05/29/2018 09:54
390 KB2018_04 Chest Conservative Management in Traumatic Pneumothoraces An Observational Study.pdf12/02/2018 17:22
622 KB2018_04 Am J Emerg Med Prevalence of pulmonary embolism in patients presenting with syncope.pdf01/25/2019 13:43
1,399 KB2018_03_29 NEJM Are We Prepared for Nuclear Terrorism.pdf06/11/2018 17:26
291 KB2018_03_22 NEJM A Randomized Trial of High-Flow Oxygen Therapy in Infants with Bronchiolitis.pdf06/11/2018 17:23
1,469 KB2018_03_17 BMJ Bradyarrythmias and pacemakers.pdf03/25/2018 11:00
667 KB2018_03_03 BMJ Optimising sleep for night shifts.pdf03/10/2018 09:01
951 KB2018_02_24 BMJ Degenerative cervical myelopathy.pdf02/24/2018 22:28
1,067 KB2018_02_24 BMJ Deep vein thrombosis.pdf02/24/2018 22:27
1,029 KB2018_02_17 BMJ Antibiotics after incision and drainage for uncomplicated skin abscess.pdf02/24/2018 11:45
299 KB2018_02_07 NEJM Adjunctive Glucocorticoid Therapy in Patients with Septic Shock.pdf02/10/2018 11:34
1,093 KB2018_02_03 BMJ Peripheral arterial disease.pdf02/05/2018 12:36
465 KB2018_02 EMJ Elevated mortality among weekend hospital admissions.pdf02/25/2018 21:23
1,385 KB2018_01_27 BMJ Fever in the returning traveller.pdf01/28/2018 18:10
744 KB2018_01_25 NEJM Hemorrhagic Shock.pdf02/10/2018 11:33
1,062 KB2018_01_20 BMJ Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation.pdf01/20/2018 16:00
525 KB2018_01_18 NEJM Toxic Alcohols.pdf02/10/2018 11:32
1,020 KB2018_01_13 BMJ Urgent reversal of vitamin K antagonists.pdf01/14/2018 18:36
717 KB2018_01_13 BMJ Chronic limb threatning ischaemia.pdf01/14/2018 18:36
1,776 KB2018_01_11 NEJM Multiple Sclerosis.pdf05/07/2018 11:49
1,364 KB2018_01_06 BMJ Acute rotator cuff tears.pdf01/08/2018 15:59
1,380 KB2018_01_04 NEJM Favism and G6PD Deficiency.pdf02/10/2018 12:40
240 KB2018_01 EMJ Understanding cardiac troponin part 2.pdf01/23/2018 15:20
370 KB2018_01 EMJ Understanding cardiac troponin part 1.pdf01/23/2018 15:24
1,572 KB2018_01 Ann EM Safety Consideration and Guideline-Based Safe Use Recommendation for Bolus-Dose Vassopressors.pdf01/06/2019 00:06
242 KB2018_01 Ac EM Peripheral Intravenous Cannula Insertion and Use in the Emergency Department.pdf12/29/2018 11:40
288 KB2018 JAMA Effect of Tamsulosin on Passage of Symptomatic Ureteral Stones.pdf09/30/2018 21:23
221 KB2018 Ann Emerg Med Clinical Practice Guideline for Emergency Department Procedural Sedation With Propofol.pdf02/12/2019 09:41
222 KB2018 Ann EM Diagnostic Imaging in Emergency Medicine - How Much is Too Much.pdf09/02/2018 11:04
2,982 KB2017_12_07 NEJM Necrotising Soft-Tissue Infections.pdf04/12/2018 08:46
1,212 KB2017_12_07 NEJM Necrotising Soft-Tissue Infections Pathogenesis.pdf04/16/2018 12:05
562 KB2017_12_02 BMJ Which anticoagulant for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation.pdf12/31/2017 17:49
712 KB2017_12_02 BMJ Oral anticoagulants for prevention of stroke in atrial fibrillation.pdf12/31/2017 17:49
1,805 KB2017_12 EMJ De Winter's wave.pdf12/31/2017 17:49
90 KB2017_12 EMJ A Clinical decision tool for prescribing anti-platelet medication for ACS.pdf01/30/2019 23:49
169 KB2017_12 Acc EM Prospective Validation of Clinical Score for Males Presenting With an Acute Scrotum.pdf12/12/2018 20:27
452 KB2017_11_30 NEJM A 36-Year-Old Man with Unintentional Opioid Overdose.pdf02/11/2018 21:01
1,281 KB2017_11_18 BMJ Diabetic foot.pdf12/31/2017 17:49
1,035 KB2017_11_18 BMJ Acute respiratory distress syndrome.pdf12/31/2017 17:49
89 KB2017_11_13 CMAJ Validation of the Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule.pdf12/12/2018 20:39
606 KB2017_11_04 BMJ Can we usefully stratify patients according to sucide risk.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
1,932 KB2017_11_04 BMJ Allergic eye disease.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
930 KB2017_10_14 BMJ Which pain medications are effective for sciatica.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
175 KB2017_10_12 NEJM Delirium in Hospitalized Older Adults.pdf02/11/2018 14:42
178 KB2017_10_09 Acad Emerg Med Excited Delerium.pdf09/16/2018 16:14
1,095 KB2017_10 Injury Straight Leg Elevation to Rule out Pelvic Injury.pdf08/13/2018 18:55
325 KB2017_09_28 NEJM Oxygen Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction.pdf02/11/2018 11:34
367 KB2017_09_23 BMJ Corticosteroids for sore throat.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
435 KB2017_09_20 BMJ Corticosteroids for treatment of sore throat systematic review.pdf12/12/2018 20:32
624 KB2017_09_16 BMJ Chronic vertigo treat with exercise not drugs.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
1,923 KB2017_09_07 NEJM Severe and Difficult-to-Treat Asthma.pdf02/11/2018 01:30
533 KB2017_09 JAMA Effect of Routine Low-Dose Oxygen Supplementation on Death and Disability in Adults With Acute Stroke.pdf01/25/2019 13:35
1,144 KB2017_09 EMJ Video recording in the emergency department a pathway to success.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
468 KB2017_09 EMJ The effect of timing of antibiotic delivery on infection rates related to open fractures a systematic review.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
376 KB2017_09 EMJ Feasibility of the MACS decision rule to safely reduce unnecessary admissions a pilot RCT.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
652 KB2017_09 Ann EM Structured Clinical Decision Aids Are Seldom Compared With Subjective Physician Jugement.pdf12/31/2017 17:48
417 KB2017_08_31 NEJM Porphyria.pdf02/10/2018 14:58
586 KB2017_08_19 BMJ Advances in the causes and management of community acquired pneumonia in adults.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
480 KB2017_08_10 NEJM Migraine.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
2,081 KB2017_08_10 NEJM Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
497 KB2017_08_10 NEJM Acute Lung Failure — Our Evolving Understanding of ARDS.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
281 KB2017_08_05 BMJ Penicillin allergy getting the lable right.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
1,246 KB2017_08_05 BMJ Parkinson's disease summary of updated NICE guidance.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
657 KB2017_08 EMJ Validating the Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes and T-MACS rules.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
560 KB2017_08 EMJ Emergency Department care of childhood epistaxis.pdf12/31/2017 17:47
1,186 KB2017_07_29 BMJ Investigating palpitations.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
1,576 KB2017_07_22 BMJ Management of patients after primary pci.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
2,942 KB2017_07_20 NEJM Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
765 KB2017_07_15 Lancet Simplified diagnostic management of suspected pulmonary embolism (the YEARS study).pdf11/17/2018 16:42
908 KB2017_07_15 BMJ Lassa fever.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
1,413 KB2017_07_08 BMJ Hepatitis C.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
230 KB2017_07 EMJ One hundred years on Ypres and ATLS.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
806 KB2017_07 EMJ Capnography for procedural sedation in the ED a systematic review.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
7,379 KB2017_06_29 NEJM Irritable Bowel Syndrome.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
686 KB2017_06_17 BMJ Stress at work.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
868 KB2017_06_17 BMJ Interpreting iron studies.pdf12/31/2017 17:46
476 KB2017_06_15 NEJM Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Their Recurrence.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
377 KB2017_06_08 NEJM Time to Treatment and Mortality during Mandated Emergency Care for Sepsis.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
84 KB2017_06_08 NEJM Management of Septic Shock.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
370 KB2017_06_08 NEJM Early, Goal-Directed Therapy for Septic Shock — A Patient-Level Meta-Analysis.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
547 KB2017_06 EMJ What is a ROC curve.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
559 KB2017_06 EMJ Troponin-only Manchester Acute Coronary Syndrome T-MACS decision aid.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
561 KB2017_05_27 BMJ Specific antidotes for bleeding associated with direct oral anticoagulants.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
586 KB2017_05_25 NEJM Acute Myocardial Infarction.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
398 KB2017_05_18 NEJM Scarlet Fever.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
555 KB2017_05_04 NEJM Traumatic Spondylolisthesis of the Axis.pdf12/31/2017 17:45
1,873 KB2017_05 Injury Temporising extradural haematoma by craniostomy using an intraosseous needle.pdf01/25/2019 13:39
460 KB2017_05 EMJ The use of history to identify anterior cruciate ligament injuries in the acute trauma setting the ‘LIMP index’.pdf12/31/2017 17:44
828 KB2017_05 EMJ Remifentanil for procedural sedation a systematic review of the literature.pdf12/31/2017 17:44
736 KB2017_05 EMJ Prehospital resuscitative hysterotomy perimorten caesarean section.pdf12/31/2017 17:44
441 KB2017_05 EMJ Management of pregnancy and obstetric complications in prehospital trauma care.pdf12/31/2017 17:44
615 KB2017_05 Ann Emerg Med Risk of Acute Kidney Injury After Intravenous Contrast Media Administration.pdf05/07/2018 21:49
300 KB2017_05 Ann EM Recent-Onset Atrial Fibrillation.pdf12/31/2017 17:44
107 KB2017_05 Ann EM Does Rocuronium Create Better Intubating Conditions.pdf12/31/2017 17:44
719 KB2017_05 Ann EM Does Amiodarone or Lidocaine Increase Meaningful Survival.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
1,176 KB2017_04_29 BMJ A likely urinary tract infection in a pregnant woman.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
336 KB2017_04_27 NEJM Physical Abuse of Children.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
617 KB2017_04_22 BMJ Lower urinary tract symptoms in an older man.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
540 KB2017_04_22 BMJ If your patient doesn’t speak the same language as you.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
723 KB2017_04_22 BMJ Acute appendicitis.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
2,554 KB2017_04_20 NEJM Sickle Cell Disease.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
641 KB2017_04_15 BMJ Is tonsillectomy recommended in adults with recurrent tonsillitis.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
1,973 KB2017_04_15 BMJ Electrical injury.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
1,163 KB2017_04_08 BMJ A bleeding socket after tooth extraction.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
1,093 KB2017_04_06 NEJM Acute Spinal Cord Compression.pdf12/31/2017 17:43
291 KB2017_04_01 BMJ Exploring thoughts of suicide.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
395 KB2017_04 EMJ Critical care in the Emergency Department organ donation.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
250 KB2017_04 Ann EM Quick SOFA Scores Predict Mortality.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
283 KB2017_03-23 NEJM Trial of Pregabalin for Acute and Chronic Sciatica.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
783 KB2017_03_25 BMJ Managing restless leg syndrome.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
277 KB2017_03_23 NEJM Treatment of Benzodiazepine Dependence.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
71 KB2017_03_23 NEJM Management of Sciatica.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
625 KB2017_03_16 NEJM Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
354 KB2017_03_11 BMJ Emergency care and resuscitation plans.pdf12/31/2017 17:42
1,130 KB2017_03_04 BMJ Community acquired pneumonia in children.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
1,474 KB2017_02_25 BMJ Perianal abscess.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
855 KB2017_02_16 NEJM Opioid-Prescribing Patterns of Emergency Physicians and Risk of Long-Term Use.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
184 KB2017_02_09 NEJM Thromboprophylaxis after Knee Arthroscopy and Lower-Leg Casting.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
4,523 KB2017_02_09 NEJM Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
243 KB2017_02_09 NEJM Approach to Fever in the Returning Traveler.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
702 KB2017_02 EMJ Role of physician perception of patient smile on pretest probability assessment for acute pulmonary embolism.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
1,130 KB2017_02 EMJ Posterior reperfusion T-waves Wellens’ syndrome of the posterior wall.pdf12/31/2017 17:41
818 KB2017_02 Ann Emerg Med Managing Migraine.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
1,504 KB2017_01_28 BMJ Novel psychoactive substances types, mechanisms of actuion, and effects.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
629 KB2017_01_28 BMJ Novel psychoactive substances identifying and managing harmful use.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
295 KB2017_01_26 NEJM Therapeutic Hypothermia after In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Children.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
98 KB2017_01_19 JAMA Surviving Sepsis Guidelines Viewpoint.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
105 KB2017_01_19 JAMA Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
1,227 KB2017_01_18 A Users Guide to the 2016 Surviving Sepsis Guidelines.pdf12/31/2017 17:40
296 KB2017_01_12 NEJM Tranexamic Acid in Patients Undergoing Coronary-Artery Surgery.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
402 KB2017_01_12 NEJM Circinate Balanitis.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
1,705 KB2017_01_07 BMJ Ischaemic colitis.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
702 KB2017_01_06 BMJ Low back pain and sciatica summary of NICE guidance.pdf09/22/2018 14:39
1,537 KB2017_01_05 NEJM Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
487 KB2017_01_04 EMJ Traumatic brain injuries in older adult.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
784 KB2017_01 EMJ Lisfranc fracture dislocation.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
367 KB2017_01 Ann EM Comparison of Intravenous Ketorolac at Three Single-Dose Regimens.pdf12/31/2017 17:37
1,388 KB2017 Lancet Effect of early tranexamic acid administration on mortality in PPH (WOMAN).pdf08/25/2018 20:57
574 KB2017 Ann EM Topical Tetracaine.pdf12/31/2017 17:36
750 KB2017 Ann EM Levocetirizine and Prednisone Are Not Superior.pdf12/31/2017 17:36
472 KB2016_12_31 EMJ Troponin-only Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (T_MACS) Decision Aid.pdf12/31/2017 17:36
982 KB2016_12 EMJ Use of an anaphylaxis care bundle.pdf12/31/2017 17:36
626 KB2016_12 EMJ The blue patient.pdf12/31/2017 17:35
106 KB2016_12 EMJ Impact of Bypass of Non-Specialist Acute Hospitals for TBI .pdf12/31/2017 17:35
754 KB2016_12 BMJ Open AHEAD Study an observational study of the management of anticoagulated patients who suffer head injury.pdf02/18/2019 09:13
615 KB2016_11_24 NEJM Thresholds for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair.pdf12/31/2017 17:35
506 KB2016_11_19 BMJ Managing recovery from concussion.pdf12/31/2017 17:34
154 KB2016_11_19 BMJ Managing recovery from concussion infographic.pdf12/31/2017 17:34
377 KB2016_11_17 NEJM Acute Pancreatitis.pdf12/31/2017 17:34
180 KB2016_11_01 EMJ Put pressure on the cricoid pressure.pdf12/31/2017 17:34
719 KB2016_11 J Emerg Med Risk of Delayed Intracranial Hemorrhage in Anticoagulated Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.pdf02/19/2019 10:31
804 KB2016_11 BMJOpen Should all anticoagulated patients with head injury receive a CT scan.pdf02/19/2019 10:23
490 KB2016_10_29 BMJ Why do we shine lights in the eyes of concious patients after head injury.pdf12/31/2017 17:34
6,003 KB2016_10_29 BMJ CONSORT 2010 statement extension to randomised pilot trials.pdf12/31/2017 17:33
1,853 KB2016_10_27 NEJM Hepatic Encephalopathy.pdf12/31/2017 17:33
361 KB2016_10_25 EMJ Reasons and evolution of non-thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke.pdf12/31/2017 17:33
329 KB2016_10_21 EMJ Procedural sedation in the emergency department.pdf12/31/2017 17:30
234 KB2016_10_20 NEJM Prevalence of Pulmonary Embolism among Patients Hospitalized for Syncope.pdf12/31/2017 17:29
717 KB2016_10_06 NEJM The Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes.pdf12/31/2017 17:29
320 KB2016_10_05 Eur Radiol High rates of clinically relevant incidental findings by total-body CT scanning in trauma patients; results of the REACT-2 trial.pdf09/30/2018 19:39
987 KB2016_10_01 BMJ Does tranexamic acid improve outcomes in traumatic brain injury.pdf12/31/2017 17:29
499 KB2016_10 EMJ Orbital fractures in the emergency department.pdf12/31/2017 17:29
338 KB2016_09_22 NEJM Trial of Decompressive Craniectomy for Traumatic Intercranial Hypertension.pdf12/31/2017 17:29
348 KB2016_09_22 NEJM Andexanet Alfa for Acute Major Haemorrhage.pdf12/31/2017 17:29
317 KB2016_09_15 NEJM Clinical Examination of the Shoulder.pdf12/31/2017 17:28
470 KB2016_09 Resuscitation Dual defibrillation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest A retrospective cohort analysis.pdf11/17/2018 13:29
599 KB2016_09 Ann EM Ischaemic conditioning Implications for Emergency Medicine.pdf12/31/2017 17:19
741 KB2016_08_26 EMJ Capnography for procedural sedation in the ED.pdf12/31/2017 17:18
48 KB2016_08_25 NEJM Amiodarone pharmacokinetics correspondence .pdf12/31/2017 17:18
647 KB2016_08_20 BMJ Ideopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus.pdf12/31/2017 17:18
421 KB2016_08_18 NEJM Acetaminophen versus Ibuprofen in Young Children with Mild Persistent Asthma.pdf12/31/2017 17:18
536 KB2016_08_13 BMJ Suspected sepsis summary NG51.pdf12/31/2017 17:18
1,136 KB2016_08_13 BMJ How valuable is physical examination of the cardiovascular system.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
385 KB2016_08_04 NEJM Fire-Related Inhalation Injury.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
565 KB2016_08_02 EMJ Role of physician perception of patient smile on pretest probability assessment for acute PE.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
534 KB2016_07_16 BMJ Routine preoperative tests for elective surgery NG45.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
533 KB2016_07_09 BMJ Safety of reduced antibiotic prescribing for self limiting respiratory tract infections.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
716 KB2016_06_28 Lancet Immediate total-body CT scanning versus conventional REACT-2.pdf09/30/2018 19:38
530 KB2016_06_26 BMJ QT interval.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
544 KB2016_06_26 BMJ Assessment and initial management of major trauma NG39.pdf12/31/2017 17:17
561 KB2016_06_16 NEJM Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Due to a Peptic Ulcer.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
555 KB2016_06_11 BMJ Delirium and agitation at the end of life.pdf06/27/2016 07:45
4,790 KB2016_06_11 BMJ A voice from the streets about the drug spice.pdf06/27/2016 07:45
388 KB2016_06_09 NEJM Indacaterol-Glycopyrronium versus Salmeterol-Fluticasone for COPD.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
66 KB2016_06_09 NEJM Editorial Another Choice for Prevention of COPD Exacerbations.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
1,318 KB2016_06_03 BMJ Plantar heel pain.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
374 KB2016_06 EMJ Should we be looking for and treating isolated calf vein thrombosis.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
410 KB2016_06 EMJ Management of the anticoagulated trauma patient in the emergency department.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
473 KB2016_06 EMJ Coagulation assessment with the new generation of oral anticoagulants.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
4,370 KB2016_05_28 BMJ Sepsis pathophysiology and clinical management.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
1,091 KB2016_05_28 BMJ Do dressings prevent infection of closed primary wounds.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
702 KB2016_05_21 BMJ Treatments for paracetamol poisoning.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
2,199 KB2016_05_21 BMJ Metastatic spinal cord compression.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
1,068 KB2016_05_05 NEJM Herniated Lumbar Intravertebral Disc.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
321 KB2016_05 EMJ The 2015 advanced life support guidelines a summary and evidence for the updates.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
339 KB2016_05 EMJ Critical care in the emergency department acute kidney injury.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
1,180 KB2016_05 EMJ An assessment of PEWS diagnostic accuracy using sensitivity and specificity.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
436 KB2016_04_30 BMJ Prevention of falls in older people living in the community.pdf06/23/2016 20:45
1,085 KB2016_04_02 BMJ Pain at the back of the heel.pdf06/23/2016 20:44
438 KB2016_04 EMJ The safety of emergency medicine.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
480 KB2016_04 EMJ Guideline to improve neurological assessment in paediatric fractures.pdf12/31/2017 17:16
1,630 KB2016_03_26 BMJ Purpuric and petichial rases in adults and children.pdf06/23/2016 20:44
923 KB2016_03_10 NEJM Mesenteric Ischaemia.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
904 KB2016_03_03 EMJ Osseous injuries of the foot an imaging review Part 3 the hindfoot.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
2,600 KB2016_03_03 EMJ Osseous injuries of the foot an imaging review Part 2 the midfoot.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
1,571 KB2016_03_03 EMJ Osseous injuries of the foot an imaging review Part 1 the forefoot.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
385 KB2016_03 EMJ Procedural sedation what would the patient like.pdf06/27/2016 07:45
544 KB2016_03 EMJ Perimortem caesarean section.pdf06/27/2016 07:47
2,198 KB2016_02_27 BMJ Overdiagnosis.pdf06/23/2016 20:44
399 KB2016_02_23 JAMA The Third International Consensus Definition for Sepsis and Septic Shock (Sepsis-3).pdf06/23/2016 20:28
635 KB2016_02_11 NEJM Urinary Tract Infections in Older Men.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
906 KB2016_01_28 NEJM Neurobiologic Advances from The Brain Disease Model of Addiction.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
745 KB2016_01_07 NEJM Viral Bronchiolitis in Children.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
908 KB2016_01 CJEM Regional Nerve Blocks For Hip and Femoral Neck Fractures - A Systematic Review.pdf08/17/2018 22:41
81 KB2016 Pediatric Emergency Care Is Fixing Pediatric Nail Bed Injuries With Medical Adhesives as Effective as Suturing.pdf01/31/2019 20:08
1,046 KB2016 Ann Emerg Med Effectiveness of EDACS Versus ADAPT Accelerated Diagnostic Pathways for Chest Pain.pdf12/31/2017 17:15
276 KB2015_12_31 NEJM Editorial FLOW trial.pdf06/23/2016 20:44
542 KB2015_12_31 NEJM A Trial of Wound Irrigation in the Initial Management of Open fracture Wounds.pdf06/23/2016 20:43
3,293 KB2015_12_12 BMJ Intravenous fluids in children and young people NG29.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
348 KB2015_12 EMJ Challenging the dogma of traumatic cardiac arrest management a military perspective.pdf06/27/2016 07:47
52 KB2015_12 EMJ Cardiac arrest in pregnancy.pdf06/27/2016 07:46
900 KB2015_11_07 BMJ Patellofemoral pain.pdf06/23/2016 20:42
66 KB2015_11 EMJ Does a normal CT scan within 6 h rule out subarachnoid haemorrhage.pdf06/23/2016 20:50
177 KB2015_10_31 TheLancet REVERT trial.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
1,138 KB2015_10_31 BMJ Diabetic ketoacidosis in adults.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
444 KB2015_10 EMJ The Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) decision rule validated with a new automated assay.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
239 KB2015_09_29 Ann Intern Med Evaluation of Patients With Suspected Acute Pulmonary Embolism.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
607 KB2015_09_19 BMJ Dengue fever.pdf06/27/2016 07:45
798 KB2015_09_19 BMJ Assessment and management of facial nerve palsy.pdf06/27/2016 07:48
1,518 KB2015_09_12 BMJ The modern diagnosis and management of pleural effusions.pdf06/23/2016 20:42
567 KB2015_08_22 Febrile seizures.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
572 KB2015_08_15 BMJ Hepatic encephalopathy.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
5,576 KB2015_08_15 BMJ Assessing the painful, uninflamed eye.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
551 KB2015_08_13 Troponin and Cardiac Events in Stable Ischemic Heart Disease and Diabetes.pdf01/01/2016 14:00
746 KB2015_08_06 NEJM Pregnancy Complicated by Venous Thrombosis.pdf06/27/2016 07:47
559 KB2015_08_01 BMJ Manangement of sharps injuries.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,036 KB2015_08 EMJ HEART score and clinical gestalt have similar diagnostic accuracy.pdf01/02/2016 19:15
804 KB2015_08 EMJ Guidelines for chest drain insertion may not prevent damage to abdominal viscera.pdf01/02/2016 19:15
850 KB2015_07_25 BMJ Peri-procedural management of patients taking oral anticoagulants.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
665 KB2015_06_13 BMJ Sepsis in children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
528 KB2015_06_11 NEJM Early Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.pdf06/27/2016 07:48
541 KB2015_06_06 BMJ Bronchiolitis in children summary of NICE guideline.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,533 KB2015_05_30 BMJ Management of the unstable shoulder.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,085 KB2015_05_21 NEJM Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,080 KB2015_05 Ann Emerg Med A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of D-dimer as a Rule-out Test for Suspected Acute Aortic Dissection.pdf05/17/2018 15:08
953 KB2015_04_25 BMJ Drug treatment for adults with HIV infection.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
609 KB2015_04_16 NEJM Clostridium difficile Infection.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
179 KB2015_04_13 CMAJ Prospective validation of a 1-hour algorithm to rule-out and rule-in AMI.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
231 KB2015_04_07 EMJ Critical care in the emergency department acute kidney injury.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
854 KB2015_04_04 BMJ Management of acute testicular pain in children and adolescents.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
556 KB2015_04_02 NEJM Trial of Early, Goal-Directed Resuscitation (ProMISe).pdf01/01/2016 11:20
412 KB2015_04_02 NEJM Emergency Contraception.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
551 KB2015_04_02 NEJM Antibiotic Treatment Stratagies for Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adults.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
68 KB2015_04 EMJ Should we use an age adjusted d-dimer threshold.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
613 KB2015_04 EMJ Cardiac arrest an infrequent radiological diagnosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,233 KB2015_03_28 BMJ Management of severe acute dental infections.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,888 KB2015_03_26 NEJM Sciatica.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
197 KB2015_03_21 BMJ Thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke time for a rethink.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,164 KB2015_03_21 BMJ Sudden cardiac death in athletes.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
617 KB2015_03_05 NEJM Clinical Management of Potential Bioterrorism-Related Conditions.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
829 KB2015_03_05 BMJ Diagnosis and management of asthma in children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
269 KB2015_03 EMJ What do hospital mortality rates tell us about quality of care.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
700 KB2015_03 EMJ Temporal trends in MVC deaths.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
78 KB2015_03 EMJ Best BET VBG in AECOPD.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
355 KB2015_03 EMJ Sustained life-like waveform capnography after human cadaveric tracheal intubation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,403 KB2015_02_21 BMJ Assessment and management of alcohol use disorders.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
4,342 KB2015_02_05 NEJM Acid-Base Problems in Diabetic Ketoacidosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
122 KB2015_02 J Hosp Med Safety of Peripheral Intravenous Administration of Vasoactive Medication.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
739 KB2015_02 EMJ The ‘who are all these people’ study.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
564 KB2015_02 EMJ Initial Validation of the International Crowding Measure.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
468 KB2015_02 EMJ Antidysrhythmic drug therapy for VT.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
601 KB2015_01_29 NEJM Case 4-2015 Ethylene Glycol.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
680 KB2015_01_15 Lancet Oral prednisolone in preschool children with virus-associated wheeze.pdf09/30/2018 21:26
548 KB2015_01_15 BMJ Is it a stroke.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
217 KB2015_01_01 NEJM Wellens' Syndrome.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
320 KB2015_01_01 NEJM Osmotic Demylination.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,763 KB2015_01_01 NEJM Disorders of Plasma Sodium.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
333 KB2015_01 EMJ Diagnostic imaging to investigate for PE in pregnancy.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
552 KB2015 UROLOGY Can Sexual Intercourse Be an AlternativeTherapy for Distal Ureteral Stones.pdf01/29/2019 17:39
381 KB2015 Lancet High-sensitivity cardiac troponin I at presentation in patients with suspected ACS.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
729 KB2015 Endoscopy Diagnosis and management of nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage (ESGE) Guideline.pdf10/28/2018 09:22
225 KB2015 Clin Chem High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T Concentrations below the Limit of Detection to Exclude AMI.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
211 KB2015 Ann R Coll Surg Engl Management of open lower limb injuries in South West England and Wales.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
853 KB2014_12_18 NEJM Acute Pericarditis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
578 KB2014_12_11 NEJM Lactic Acidosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
3,557 KB2014_12_10 BMJ Ebola virus disease.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
384 KB2014_11_27 NEJM Recognition and Management of Withdrawal Delirium.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
660 KB2014_11_27 NEJM Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
3,765 KB2014_11_06 NEJM Integration of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
371 KB2014_11 J Orthop Trauma Time to initial Operative Treatment Following Open Fracture Does Not Impact Development of Deep Infection.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
305 KB2014_11 EMJ Procedural sedation with propofol for emergency DC cardioversion.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
312 KB2014_11 EMJ IFEM framework for quality and safety in the ED.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
70 KB2014_11 EMJ Best BETS D-Dimer in pregnancy.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
429 KB2014_10_23 NEJM Community-Acquired Pneumonia.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
557 KB2014_10_16 NEJM Goal-Directed Resuscitation for Patients with Early Septic Shock.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
720 KB2014_10_09 NEJM Physiological Approach to Assessment of Acid-Base Disorders.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
621 KB2014_10_09 NEJM Lower versus Higher Haemoglobin Threshold.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
343 KB2014_10_09 NEJM Acid-Base Editorial.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
430 KB2014_10 EMJ Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM).pdf11/17/2018 16:56
525 KB2014_09_27 BMJ Should we take patients in cardiac arrest to hospital.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,139 KB2014_09_18 NEJM PE case.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,010 KB2014_08_21 NEJM Aortic Stenosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
773 KB2014_08_12 BMJ Acute pancreatitis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,439 KB2014_07_31 NEJM Brain Abscess.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
518 KB2014_07_03 BMJ Investigation of suspected urinary tract infection in older people.pdf10/04/2018 23:21
1,254 KB2014_06_12 NEJM Case18 Dermatomyositis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
695 KB2014_06_05 NEJM Pregnancy and Infection.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
233 KB2014_06 EMJ Hypoxia, haemorrhage and hypotension.pdf06/23/2016 20:42
1,039 KB2014_05_29 NEJM Traumatic Intracranial Hypertension.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
231 KB2014_05_23 BMJ Should we advise patients with sutures not to swim.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
535 KB2014_05_19 BMJ Posterior circulation ischaemic stroke.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
546 KB2014_05_08 BMJ Spontaneous pneumothorax.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
219 KB2014_05_08 BMJ Procedural Sedation in The Emergency Department.pdf06/23/2016 20:42
159 KB2014_05 EMJ SAH and pulmonary oedema.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
75 KB2014_05 EMJ Fluid on the chest.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,587 KB2014_04_30 Heart The Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) decision rule for suspected cardiac chest pain derivation and external validation.pdf12/31/2017 17:14
1,032 KB2014_04_22 BMJ Gallstones.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
264 KB2014_04_15 BMJ First seizures in adults.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
256 KB2014_04_02 BMJ Splenic trauma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
92 KB2014_04 EMJ Observation is unnecessary following a normal CT brain in warfarinised head injuries.pdf06/23/2016 20:50
397 KB2014_04 EMJ Modified TIMI risk score cannot be used to identify low-risk chest pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
123 KB2014_04 EMJ Coagulopathy as a risk factor in warfarinised head injury patients.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
883 KB2014_03_26 BMJ The STONE score.pdf12/31/2017 17:13
446 KB2014_03_10 BMJ Management of sickle cell disease in the community.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
379 KB2014_03_10 BMJ Exclusion of deep vein thrombosis using the Wells rule.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
180 KB2014_03_10 BMJ Editorial Ruling out DVT using Wells rule.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
603 KB2014_03_07 Thoracic Trauma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
199 KB2014_02_21 BMJ Severe accidental hypothermia.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
374 KB2014_02_17 BMJ How effective is tranexamic acid for GI bleeds.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
610 KB2014_02_10 BMJ Management of traumatic amputations of the upper.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
788 KB2014_02_07 BMJ Pain at the base of the thumb.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
323 KB2014_02_04 BMJ Managing wheeze in preschool children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
200 KB2014_02_01 BMJ Should children who have cardiac arrest be treated with therapeutic hypothermia.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,279 KB2014_01_25 BMJ Early management of head injury CG176 summary.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
791 KB2014_01_23 NEJM Acute Osteomyelitis in Children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
272 KB2014_01_06 BMJ Abortion.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,326 KB2014_01 AnnEM Surviving Sepsis 2012 Update for Emergency Physicians.pdf06/23/2016 20:41
357 KB2014 JAMA Intern Med 2-hour diagnostic protocol for possible cardiac chest pain in the emergency department.pdf12/31/2017 17:13
1,429 KB2013_12_30 BMJ Diagnosis, management, and prevention of rotavirus.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
540 KB2013_12_09 BMJ Tick bite prevention and tick removal.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
291 KB2013_12_05 NEJM Temperature Management and Modern Post–Cardiac Arrest Care Editorial.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
499 KB2013_12_05 NEJM Targeted Temperature Management at 33 versus 36 after Cardiac Arrest.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
434 KB2013_12_03 BMJ Polymyalgia rheumatica.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
131 KB2013_12 EMJ The prehospital management of pelvic.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
91 KB2013_12 EMJ Pre-hospital spinal immobilisation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
78 KB2013_12 EMJ Pharmacologically assisted laryngeal mask insertion.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
74 KB2013_12 EMJ Minimal patient handling.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
853 KB2013_11_11 BMJ Central venous catheters.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
260 KB2013_10_21 BMJ An introduction to advance care planning in practice.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
398 KB2013_10_12 BMJ Identifying brain tumours in children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
430 KB2013_10_05 BMJ Gout.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
176 KB2013_10 Acad Emerg Med HINTS Outperforms ABCD2.pdf05/05/2018 08:09
569 KB2013_09_28 BMJ Investigating stable chest pain of suspected cardiac.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
238 KB2013_09_28 BMJ Editorial Concussion and sport.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,008 KB2013_09_14 BMJ Personality disorder.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
764 KB2013_09_05 NEJM Door-to-Balloon Time and Mortality.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
692 KB2013_08_29 NEJM Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
247 KB2013_08_29 BMJ Dyspepsia.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
265 KB2013_07_22 BMJ High sensitivity cardiac troponin in patients with chest pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
487 KB2013_07_16 BMJ Transfusing blood safely and appropriately.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
179 KB2013_07_13 BMJ Atrial fibrillation 10 minuite consultation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
192 KB2013_07_13 BMJ Acute MI summary of NICE guidelines.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
802 KB2013_07 EMJ Acute Gastric Dilatation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
298 KB2013_06_19 BMJ Diagnosis and management of first trimester.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
563 KB2013_06_15 BMJ Glaucoma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
477 KB2013_06_08 BMJ Managing unscheduled bleeding in non-pregnant premenopausal women.pdf06/27/2016 07:47
219 KB2013_05_21 BMJ Investigation and treatment of imported malaria.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
386 KB2013_05_18 BMJ Safeguarding adults at risk of harm.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,009 KB2013_05_09 NEJM Enteropathogens and Chronic Illness in Returning Travelers.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
561 KB2013_05_02 NEJM Surgery versus Physical Therapy for a Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
406 KB2013_05_02 NEJM Injuries.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
45 KB2013_05 CMAJ Tramadol.pdf09/17/2018 09:34
839 KB2013_04_20 BMJ Pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and management.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
493 KB2013_04_18 NEJM Editorial Adrenal Dysfunction in Critically Ill Patients.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
422 KB2013_04_13 BMJ Leukaemia update Part 2.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
451 KB2013_04_11 NEJM Timely PCI for STEMI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
714 KB2013_04_11 NEJM Infective Endocarditis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
473 KB2013_04_06 BMJ Leukaemia update Part 1.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
383 KB2013_03_30 BMJ Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
587 KB2013_03_23 BMJ Diagnosis and management of carotid atherosclerosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
676 KB2013_03_16 BMJ Achilles tendon disorders.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
171 KB2013_03_15 BMJ Grappling with concussion.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
546 KB2013_03_14 NEJM Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resusitation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
546 KB2013_03_10 NEJM Fibrinolysis or Primary PCI in STEMI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
231 KB2013_02_20 BMJ Diagnosis and management of pulmonary embolism.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,245 KB2013_02_16 BMJ Anaphylaxis the acute episode and beyond.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
514 KB2013_02_09 BMJ Ulcerative colitis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
708 KB2013_02_02 NEJM Tuberculosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
124 KB2013_02 Surgeon The Isolated Lateral Malleolar Fracture.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
104 KB2013_02 Surgeon Non-Orthopaedic Devices.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
342 KB2013_01_26 BMJ Psychosis & Schizophrenia in Children (CG155).pdf01/01/2016 11:20
635 KB2013_01_24 NEJM Alcohol Use in Adults.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
610 KB2013_01_03 NEJM Transfusion Strategies for Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
237 KB2013_01_03 NEJM Blood Transfusion for Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Editorial.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
174 KB2013 Ann Emerg Med Nontraumatic SAH in the setting of negative CT.pdf06/23/2016 20:41
694 KB2012_12_27 NEJM Continuous Renal-Replacement Therapy for Acute Kidney Injury.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
526 KB2012_12_27 NEJM A Trial of Intracranial-Pressure Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
396 KB2012_12_20 NEJM Alcohol Withdrawal.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
483 KB2012_12_15 BMJ CG154 Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
877 KB2012_12_14 EMJ Hypothermia in trauma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
119 KB2012_12 EMJ Sensitive troponin assay predicts outcome.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
578 KB2012_11_22 NEJM Low-Dose Aspirin for Prevention of Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
950 KB2012_11_22 NEJM Case 36 Trauma and Burns.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
561 KB2012_11_15 NEJM Accidental Hypothermia.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
603 KB2012_10_25 NEJM Radiofrequency Ablation as Initial Therapy in Paroxysmal Atrial fibrillation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
166 KB2012_10_23 BMJ Minor incised traumatic laceration.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,407 KB2012_10_11 NEJM Evaluation an Initial Treatment of SVT.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
616 KB2012_10_04 NEJM Prasugrel versus Clopidogrel for Acute Coronary Syndromes without Revascularization.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
717 KB2012_09_27 NEJM Hepatitis E.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
510 KB2012_09_20 NEJM Acute Bacterial Sinusitis in Children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
201 KB2012_09_19 BMJ Neutropenic Sepsis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,830 KB2012_09_13 NEJM Melioidosis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
284 KB2012_09 EMJ Prehospital tracheal intubation in severe facial trauma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,335 KB2012_08_30 NEJM Paraneoplastic Stiff Person Syndrome.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
373 KB2012_08_23 NEJM Hyperosmolar Therapy for Raised Intracranial Pressure.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
657 KB2012_08_09 NEJM Diagnosis of Diabetes NEJM.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
71 KB2012_08 EMJ BET Investigating flank pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
362 KB2012_07_20 BMJ Necrotising Fasciitis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
626 KB2012_07_12 NEJM Hydroxyethyl Starch vs Ringers Lactate.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
299 KB2012_06_23 Lancet The benefits and harms of intravenous thrombolysis IST-3.pdf07/20/2018 08:53
1,290 KB2012_06_15 EMJ Improving the diagnosis of CNS infections with a Lumbar Puncture Pack.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
129 KB2012_06 EMJ Emergency department crowding.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
856 KB2012_06 Ann Emerg Med Immediate and Delayed Traumatic Intracranial Haemorrhage in Patients with Head Trauma and Pre-Injury Warfarin or Clopidogrel Use.pdf03/02/2019 23:00
596 KB2012_05_31 NEJM Drowning.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
268 KB2012_05_24 NEJM Aspirin for Preventing the Recurrence of Venous Thromboembolism.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,250 KB2012_05_21 BMJ Effect of tranexamic acid on surgical bleeding.pdf06/23/2016 20:30
559 KB2012_05_17 NEJM Secondary Prevention after Ischemic Stroke.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
235 KB2012_05_04 BMC Urology Effectiveness of intravenous lidocaine versus intravenous morphine for patients with renal colic.pdf12/12/2018 20:36
292 KB2012_04_05 NEJM Glycaemic Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
179 KB2012_04 EMJ Cocaine-associated chest pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
96 KB2012_04 EMJ Knowledge of radiation exposure.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
305 KB2012_03_15 NEJM Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
119 KB2012_03 EMJ Diagnostic accuracy of nitroglycerine as a test of treatment for cardiac chest pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
571 KB2012_03 AnnEM Preoxygenation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
716 KB2012_02_10 EMJ Critical care in the emergency department massive haemorrhage in trauma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
308 KB2012_02 EMJ Value of a rigid collar in addition to head blocks.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
396 KB2012_01_11 BMJ The diagnosis and management of aortic dissection.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
872 KB2012 Stroke Time-dependent test charateristics of head CT.pdf06/23/2016 20:30
277 KB2012 J Am Coll Cardiol 2-hour accelerated diagnostic protocol to assess patients with chest pain syndromes The ADAPT trial.pdf12/31/2017 17:13
899 KB2012 EHJ Third Universal Definition of MI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
3,100 KB2012 Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol Brugada Syndrome.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
210 KB2012 Br J Anaesth Adverse event reporting tool.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
331 KB2011_11_14 BMJ Renal transplantation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,291 KB2011_11_10 The Surgeon Wet or Dry Bandages for Plaster Backslabs.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,821 KB2011_05_24 Circulation Sensitivity of the Aortic Dissection Detection Risk Score.pdf04/29/2018 17:26
308 KB2011_05 Ann EM Clinical Practice Guideline for Emergency Department Ketamine Dissociative Sedation 2011 Update.pdf12/31/2017 17:12
204 KB2011_04 EMJ Intranasal ketamine.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
465 KB2011_04 EMJ GEMNet guideline for the management of tricyclic antideprassant overdose.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
192 KB2011_03_24 Lancet Tranexamic acid for trauma - comment.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
207 KB2011_03_24 Lancet CRASH-2 subgroup analysis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
202 KB2011_03 JAMA Implementation of a Sensitive Tropinin I Assay.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
455 KB2011_03 JAMA Hydrocortisone Therapy for Patients with Multiple Trauma.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
455 KB2011_03 EMJ Systematic review of alcohol screening tools.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
244 KB2011_01_27 BMJ Steroids and bronchodilators for acute bronchiolitis.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
705 KB2011_01 NEJM Treatment of Acute Otitis Media.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
632 KB2011 Thorax Ventilator modes and settings during NIV.pdf02/22/2018 22:00
444 KB2011 J Am Coll Cardiol Rapid exclusion of acute Myocardial infarction in patients with undetectable troponin using a high-sensitivity assay.pdf12/31/2017 17:12
341 KB2011 Europace Twenty-five years in the making flecainide is safe and effective for the management of AF.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,821 KB2011 Circulation Sensitivity of the Aortic Dissection Detection Risk Score.pdf05/17/2018 15:19
507 KB2011 BMJ Sensitivity of CT performed within 6 hours.pdf06/23/2016 20:50
643 KB2011 BMJ Acute altitude illnesses.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
47 KB2010_12 EMJ Clinical decision rules for acute coronary syndromes the specifics.pdf12/31/2017 17:12
153 KB2010_11_26 EMJ Critical care in the emergency department acute respiratory failure.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
89 KB2010_10_05 EMJ Advanced Directives To treat or not to treat.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
229 KB2010_09_07 BMJ Thrombolysis in very elderly people.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
249 KB2010_09 Targeted Temperature Management post arrest.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
547 KB2010_09 NEJM Traumatic Brain Injury — Football.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
207 KB2010_07 EMJ Is time to closure a factor in the occurence of infection.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
265 KB2010_07 EMJ Digital anaesthesia one injection or two.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
234 KB2010_06_28 BMJ Choice of fluids for resuscitation in children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
263 KB2010_06_15 Lancet CRASH-2.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
158 KB2010_02 J Am Coll Cardiol The ROSE (Risk Stratification of Syncope in the Emergency Department) Study.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
321 KB2010 Heart Chest pain in the emergency room a multicenter validation of the HEART score.pdf12/31/2017 17:12
367 KB2010 CJEM Association of the Ottawa Aggressive Protocol with rapid discharge.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
125 KB2009_12 EMJ Clinical diagnosis of ACS.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
76 KB2009_11 Stroke HINTS to Diagnose Stroke in the Acute Vestibular Syndrome.pdf05/05/2018 10:32
142 KB2009_09 EMJ Use of atropine in a nerve agent response in children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
218 KB2009_06_27 BMJ Management of the effects of exposure to tear gas.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
209 KB2009_06 BMJ Damage control resuscitation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
325 KB2009_05_09 BMJ Kawasaki disease.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
402 KB2009_05_02 BMJ Cardiac resynchronisation therapy for chronic heart failure.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
164 KB2009_04_29 BMJ Clopidogrel in ACS.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,447 KB2009_04_25 Lancet Effect of whole-body CT during trauma resusitation survival.pdf06/23/2016 20:49
276 KB2009_04_11 BMJ Cauda equina syndrome.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,002 KB2009_04 EMJ Parkland Tables.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
231 KB2009_04 EMJ Can the Ottawa knee rule be applied to children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
643 KB2009_04 Ann Emerg Med Quebec Guidelines Reporting Adverse Events for ED Procedural Sedation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
443 KB2009_03 NEJM Clopidogrel for AF.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
174 KB2009_03 Heart Routine Use of Oxygen in MI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
121 KB2009_03 Heart Rescue PCI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
128 KB2009_03 EMJ Use of AXR.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
159 KB2009_02_14 Lancet Mechanical supports for acute, severe ankle sprain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
102 KB2009_01_03 BMJ The rational clinical examination in emergency care.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
190 KB2009_01_03 BMJ Elbow extension test to rule out elbow fracture.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
301 KB2009_01 Prednisolone for Preschool Children with viral wheeze.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
189 KB2009 Lancet Whole body CT.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
156 KB2009 Lancet Outpatient management of patients with low-risk upper GI haemorrhage.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
441 KB2009 Circulation Cardioversion past present future.pdf12/31/2017 17:12
94 KB2009 BMJ Information sheets for patients with acute chest pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
203 KB2009 BMJ Implementation of the Canadian C-Spine Rule.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
300 KB2008_12_18 NEJM Thrombolysis during Resuscitation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
2,036 KB2008_11_19 BMJ Information sheets for patients with acute chest pain.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
346 KB2008_09_25 NEJM Thrombolysis with Alteplase 3 to 4.5 Hours.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
235 KB2008_07_10 NEJM Noninvasive Ventilation in Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
428 KB2008_07_03 NEJM Vasopressin and Epinephrine.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
2,385 KB2008_05_08 Heart The pharmaco-invasive approach to STEMI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
158 KB2008_05 AnnEM Death After ED Visits for Syncope.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
62 KB2008_04_16 JAMA Gizmo Idolatry.pdf06/23/2016 20:28
827 KB2008_03 Ann EM Low Diagnostic Yeald of ECG Testing in Younger Patients With Syncope.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
156 KB2008_03 Acad EM Point of Care Testing and acs.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
199 KB2008_01_19 BMJ Imaging after trauma to the neck.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
333 KB2008_01 NEJM Hydrocortisone in shock.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
101 KB2008_01 EMJ Surviving Sepsis Campaign Commentary.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
179 KB2008 Respiration Noninvasive Assisted Pressure-Controlled.pdf09/17/2018 23:35
153 KB2008 Lancet Prednisolone and valaciclovir in Bell’s palsy.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
109 KB2008 JAMA Prehospital Termination of Resuscitation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
341 KB2008 CJEM Diagnostic accuracy of clinical prediction rules to exclude acute ACS in the ED setting a systematic review.pdf12/31/2017 17:12
173 KB2007_11 EMJ Role of BNP in risk stratification of adult syncope.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
65 KB2007_10 EMJ Manchester Self-Harm Rule.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
198 KB2007_08 ADC Topical lignocaine for otitis media.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
450 KB2007_07 Injury Major trauma & cervical clearance radiation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
239 KB2007_06 EMJ Management of Macroscopic Haematuria in The Emergency Department.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
197 KB2007_05 EMJ Risk Stratification of Syncope.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
194 KB2007_03 Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. Concentrations of Tramadol and O-desmethyltramadol Enantiomers in Different CYP2D6 Genotypes.pdf09/17/2018 09:36
355 KB2007_03 AnnEM RCT Intranasal Fentanyl in children.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
284 KB2007_01 NEJM Concussion Review.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
284 KB2007 EHJ Universal Definition of MI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
199 KB2006_09 EMJ Severe sepsis and septic shock.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
272 KB2006_09 EMJ Rheumatic diseases review.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
188 KB2006_08 EMJ Early Goal Directed Therapy.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
156 KB2006_08 EMJ Collapse query cause.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
160 KB2006_03 JAMA Non-inferiority CONSORT statement.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
107 KB2006_01 BMJ Pulmonary embolism in hospital practice.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,297 KB2006_01 World J Surg Mario Donati and The Vertical Matress.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
1,759 KB2006 Arch Dis Child Management of decreased concious level.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
75 KB2005_EMJ_LEMON.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
94 KB2005_12_24 BMJ The case of the disappearing teaspoons.pdf05/12/2018 07:55
60 KB2005_10 EMJ NICE head injury guidelines Legal Mandate.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
88 KB2005_10 Am J EM SFSR validation.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
103 KB2005_08_22 EMJ Monitoring the critically ill.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
139 KB2005_07 A&E Nursing Using a swimmers nose clip.pdf12/31/2017 17:10
170 KB2005_06 EMJ Outpatient diagnosis of pulmonary embolism MIOPED.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
254 KB2005_02 Anaesthesiology Cricoid Pressure in RSI.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
83 KB2005_01_07 EMJ Critical care transfers.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
122 KB2005_01 EMJ Tension Pneumothorax review.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
61 KB2005_01 EMJ Critical care in the emergency department shock and circulatory support.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
772 KB2005 Clinical Biochemistry NT-proBNP in the differential diagnosis of acute dyspnoea.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
122 KB2004_02 AnnEM Derivation of the San Francisco Syncope Rule.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
155 KB2004 J Thromb Haemost Clinical criteria to prevent unnecessary diagnostic testing PERC rule.pdf12/31/2017 17:09
40 KB2004 EMJ Non-touch suturing technique fails to reduce glove puncture.pdf08/25/2018 21:36
22 KB2003_12 NEJM Canadian C Spine vs NEXUS.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
118 KB2003_12 AnnEM Propofol Sedation for paediatric procedures.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
946 KB2003 Dermatol Surg The Use of a ‘‘No-Touch’’ Technique.pdf08/25/2018 22:04
108 KB2002_10 NEJM Alteplase in pulmonary embolism.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
204 KB2002_08_10 BMJ Suturing versus conservative management of lacerations of the hand.pdf10/05/2018 21:49
161 KB2002_07_18 NEJM Rapid Measurement of BNP in The Emergency Diagnosis of Heart Failure.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
116 KB2002 QJM Pathophysiology of accidental hypothermia.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
162 KB2002 EMJ Paracetamol Overdose Flowchart.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
177 KB2001_11_08 NEJM Early Goal-directed therapy.pdf12/31/2017 17:11
345 KB2001_07 Ann Int Med Wells (PE + DDIMER).pdf01/01/2016 11:20
184 KB2000 EMJ The management of hyperkalaemia in the emergency department.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
449 KB1999_03 Ann Intern Med Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) Study.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
299 KB1999 JACC The Brugada Syndrome.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
99 KB1998 Paracetamol (acetaminophen) poisoning.pdf12/31/2017 17:09
83 KB1996_11_21 NEJM Initial Management of Burns.pdf01/01/2016 11:20
7,973 KB1993 Brain Research Reviews neural basis of drug craving.pdf10/08/2018 21:14

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