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04/27/2019ACEP - American College of Emergency Medicine - Clinical Policies98,986 KB
04/14/2019BOAST - British Orthopaedic Association Standards for Trauma7,891 KB
04/13/2019BTS - British Thoracic Society43,615 KB
04/14/2019ESC - European Society of Cardiology35,274 KB
05/17/2019GMC - General Medical Council1,161 KB
05/02/2019Gov54,974 KB
04/13/2019JBDS - Joint British Diabetes Societies19,833 KB
08/16/2019NICE99,255 KB
07/16/2019RCEM - Royal College of Emergency Medicine44,042 KB
06/20/2019RCOG - Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology14,729 KB
04/14/2019RCP - Royal College of Physcians6,118 KB
06/05/2019RCR - Royal College of Radiologists4,078 KB
04/14/2019RCUK - Resuscitation Council UK141,714 KB
08/06/2019RSH - Royal Shrewsbury Hospital20,604 KB
04/14/2019RWH - Royal Wolverhampton Hospital5,735 KB
04/14/2019Sedation579 KB
04/13/2019SIGN - Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network9,416 KB
04/20/2019Stroke2,534 KB
04/13/2019West Mids Trauma8,568 KB
04/14/2019European Society for Vascular Surgery Guidelines.url0 KB
06/19/20192019_06 RCPCH Facing the Future Standards for children in emergency care settings.pdf1,699 KB
08/18/20192019 GUT Diagnosis and management of acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding guidelines from the British Society of Gastroenterology.pdf904 KB
01/04/20192018_12 Additional_advice_for_clinicians_prescribing_antivirals_2018_to_2019.pdf207 KB
12/12/20182018 DBI - Devastating Brain Injury - A Consensus Statement.pdf700 KB
07/06/20182017_10 Leicester Stone Pathway.pdf320 KB
04/10/20192017_06 AoMRC Return to Practice Guidance.pdf114 KB
01/19/20172017 Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2016.pdf511 KB
04/14/20192017 ESVS Management of the Diseases of Mesenteric Arteries and.pdf2,651 KB
08/21/20162016 SSC-Surviving Sepsis Campaign Responds to Sepsis-3.pdf381 KB
05/12/20162015_10 Meningococcal disease poster.pdf508 KB
05/12/20162015_10 Bacterial meningitis poster.pdf452 KB
10/28/20182015 Endoscopy Diagnosis and management of nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage (ESGE) Guideline.pdf729 KB
11/28/20152015 APLS Chapter 13 Seriously Injured Child.pdf270 KB
07/16/20172014 Air Products HF Acid Burns and Calcium Gluconate.pdf102 KB
04/13/20182013 ESO Guideline for SAH.pdf322 KB
03/02/20162012 Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2012.pdf3,389 KB
04/13/20182012 Stroke Guidelines for the Management of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.pdf3,966 KB
09/25/20162012 National Burn Care Referral Guidance.pdf586 KB
04/18/20142012 MRHA Parvolex.pdf171 KB
07/16/20172012 Honeywell HF Acid Exposure.pdf2,254 KB
04/04/20132012 BMJ Reducing Emergency Admissions.pdf605 KB
04/12/20122011 NHS CAG Report Managment of Spinal Injuries.pdf88 KB
04/04/20132010 Bedside Clinical Guidelines Medical Guidelines.pdf10,952 KB
07/22/20092009 Midlands Burn Network.pdf436 KB
02/15/20092009 DTP stroke thrombolysis.pdf169 KB
04/12/20122008 Spinal care bundle.pdf1,007 KB
12/25/20082008 NHS Medical training and careers.pdf348 KB
04/26/20152007 Neonatal Collapse.pdf125 KB
12/23/20072007 NCEPOD Trauma Who Cares.pdf1,645 KB
12/23/20072007 NCEPOD Trauma Who Cares Summary.pdf357 KB
05/03/20132006 EMJ Human Tissue Act 2004.pdf103 KB
06/07/20072006 Bedside Clinical Guidelines Surgical Guidelines.pdf7,154 KB
06/07/20072006 Bedside Clinical Guidelines Paediatric Guidelines.pdf1,710 KB
01/19/20062002 BTS Guideline for Spinal Injury.pdf172 KB
11/02/20022002 BMA Waits & Measures.pdf1,952 KB

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Index of EM Guidlines ACEP - American College of Emergency Medicine - Clinical Policies

05/22/2018ACEP Clinical Policies.url0 KB
04/14/20192018 ACEP Unscheduled Procedural Sedation.pdf573 KB
12/12/20182018 ACEP Non–ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes.pdf1,098 KB
04/27/20192018 ACEP Clinical Practice Guideline for Emergency Department Procedural Sedation With Propofol.pdf346 KB
05/24/20182018 ACEP Acute Venous Thromboembolic Disease.pdf21,302 KB
05/17/20172017 ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines.pdf759 KB
04/16/20182017 ACEP Reperfusion Acute STEMI.pdf408 KB
04/16/20182017 ACEP Early Pregnancy.pdf10,905 KB
04/16/20182017 ACEP CO Poisoning.pdf5,117 KB
10/01/20182017 ACEP Adult Psychiatric Patient.pdf3,991 KB
09/18/20162016 ACEP Suspected Transient Ischemic Attack.pdf1,857 KB
09/18/20162016 ACEP Previous Clinical Polices.pdf15 KB
09/18/20162016 ACEP Fever in Children Younger Than Two Years.pdf6,865 KB
09/18/20162015 ACEP Thoracic Aortic Dissection.pdf718 KB
09/18/20162015 ACEP Intravenous tPA for Acute Ischemic Stroke New.pdf2,979 KB
06/24/20142014 ACEP Seizures.pdf673 KB
06/24/20142014 ACEP Procedural Sedation and Analgesia.pdf864 KB
06/24/20142013 ACEP Asymptomatic Elevated Blood Pressure.pdf425 KB
06/24/20142012 ACEP Prescribing Opioids.pdf398 KB
06/24/20142012 ACEP Intravenous tPA for Acute Ischemic Stroke.pdf368 KB
06/24/20142012 ACEP Early Pregnancy.pdf829 KB
06/24/20142011 ACEP Pulmonary Embolism.pdf21,232 KB
06/24/20142011 ACEP Acute Blunt Abdominal Trauma.pdf2,408 KB
06/24/20142009 ACEP Community-Acquired Pneumonia.pdf498 KB
06/24/20142009 ACEP Appendicitis.pdf12,948 KB
06/24/20142008 ACEP Mild Traumaic Brain Injury.pdf532 KB
06/24/20142008 ACEP Acute Headache.pdf280 KB
06/24/20142007 ACEP Syncope.pdf135 KB
06/24/20142006 ACEP Acute Heart Failure Syndromes.pdf446 KB

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Index of EM Guidlines BOAST - British Orthopaedic Association Standards for Trauma

06/22/2017BOAST-15 Management of Blunt Chest Wall Trauma.pdf214 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-14 Urological Trauma Associated with Pelvic Fractures.pdf150 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-13 Rehab and Communication with Trauma Patients.pdf86 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-12 Ankle Fractures.pdf143 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-11 Supracondylar Fractures.pdf106 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-10 Compartment Syndrome.pdf136 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-09 Fracture Liason Injuries.pdf165 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-08 Trumatic Spinal Cord Injury.pdf173 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-07 Fracture Clinic Services.pdf76 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-06 Arterial Injuries Associated with Fractures and Dislocations.pdf249 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-05 Peripherial Nerve Injuries.pdf153 KB
04/14/2019BOAST-04 Open Fractures.pdf1,617 KB
04/14/2019BOAST-03 Pelvic Fracture.pdf1,533 KB
04/14/2019BOAST-02 Spinal Clearance.pdf1,465 KB
06/22/2017BOAST-01 Fragility Hip Fracture.pdf133 KB
04/19/2018BOAST.url0 KB
04/14/2019BOAST - Distal Radial Fractures.pdf1,483 KB

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Index of EM Guidlines BTS - British Thoracic Society

05/12/2016BTS Guidelines.url0 KB
06/21/20182018 BTS The Outpatient Management of Pulmonary Embolism.pdf1,214 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use.pdf2,071 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use summary.pdf81 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use Slide set for nurses.ppt9,585 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use Slide set for doctors.ppt7,759 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use prehospital summary.pdf99 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use Key points for Primary Care.pdf77 KB
08/08/20182017 Oxygen Use Key points for hospital managers.pdf83 KB
04/20/20182016 BTS NIV algorithm.jpg167 KB
09/05/20182016 BTS Guidelines for Ventilatory Management of AHRF.pdf11,879 KB
10/09/20172016 Asthma (BTS).pdf2,309 KB
10/09/20172016 Asthma (BTS) quick reference guide.pdf733 KB
05/12/20162014 Asthma (BTS) quick reference guide.pdf832 KB
08/07/20182010 Spontaneous Pneumothorax Poster.org.pdf204 KB
08/08/20182010 Pleural Disease.pdf4,285 KB
08/08/20182010 Pleural Disease quick reference guide.pdf134 KB
08/08/20182010 Pleural Disease pneumothorax poster.pdf197 KB
08/08/20182010 Pleural Disease patient information chest drain.pdf158 KB
08/08/20182003 Pleural Disease.pdf1,034 KB
01/11/20112003 BTS Pulmonary Embolism.pdf443 KB
01/30/20182002 Thorax BTS guideline on NIV in acute respiratory failure.pdf264 KB

Total: 42.59 MB (44,662,181 Bytes) in: 22 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines ESC - European Society of Cardiology

04/30/2018ESC Guidelines.url0 KB
04/30/20182018 ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of syncope.pdf3,435 KB
01/20/20182017 ESC Guidelines for the management of acute myocardial infarction in patient presenting with ST-segment elevation.pdf4,851 KB
12/22/20162016 ESC Guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation.pdf7,160 KB
01/20/20182016 ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure.pdf7,691 KB
01/20/20182015 ESC Guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes.pdf2,060 KB
01/20/20182015 ESC Guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes Web Addenda.pdf343 KB
04/30/20182014 ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of aortic diseases.pdf3,516 KB
01/20/20182014 ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and management of acute pulmonary embolism.pdf3,602 KB
01/20/20182009 ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of syncope.pdf2,612 KB

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Index of EM Guidlines GMC - General Medical Council

04/11/20192019_02 Practical skills and procedures.pdf137 KB
05/17/20192017_05_22 GMC - Excellence by design - standards for postgraduate curricula.pdf549 KB
05/17/20192017_05_17 GMC Generic professional capabilities framework.pdf386 KB
10/04/20082008_08 GMC Reporting Knife Wounds.pdf88 KB

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Index of EM Guidlines Gov

05/06/2019Targets & Tariffs22,102 KB
10/04/2010DH.url0 KB
01/21/2017DH Green Book.url0 KB
12/23/20182018_11 Tetanus Guidance on the management of suspected tetanus cases.pdf292 KB
09/16/20182018_09 NHS review of winter.pdf432 KB
12/23/20182018_08 Guide to The General Data Protection Regulation.pdf3,398 KB
10/29/20182018_07_3 Tetanus Briefing Note.pdf39 KB
10/29/20182018_07 Recommendations on the treatment and prophylaxis of tetanus Interim withdrawn.pdf268 KB
09/16/20182018_04 The routine immunisation schedule.pdf49 KB
02/25/20182017_09 Seven Day Services Clinical Standards.pdf256 KB
09/16/20182016 The Green Book Chapter 11 The UK immunisation schedule v3.pdf254 KB
01/01/20162015_09 Monitor Why did patients wait longer last winter.pdf1,796 KB
04/20/20172015_03 Never Events List 2015.pdf383 KB
07/07/20182015 Safer, Faster, Better.pdf896 KB
01/01/20162013 Urgent and Emergency Care Review Evidence Base.pdf2,392 KB
01/01/20162013 Urgent and Emergency Care Review Emerging Principles.pdf160 KB
01/01/20162013 PbR 2013-2014.pdf1,269 KB
01/01/20162013 NHS LA Risk Management Standards 2013-14.pdf2,013 KB
01/01/20162012 Never Events List 2012.pdf122 KB
01/01/20162012 Everyone Counts.pdf945 KB
03/22/20122011 NCAS Handbook.pdf1,027 KB
02/26/20172011 MHRA Liquid Paracetamol for children.pdf380 KB
01/01/20162010_03 Working Together to Safeguard Children.pdf2,716 KB
01/01/20162010 DH Equity and Excellence Liberating The NHS.pdf339 KB
01/01/20162009 The Green Book Chapter 30 Tetanus.pdf144 KB
01/01/20162009 Laming progress report.pdf960 KB
01/01/20162009 HCC Investigation into Mid Staffordshire.pdf1,315 KB
01/01/20162008 High Quality Care for All.pdf2,763 KB
03/12/20082007 Mental Health Act.pdf656 KB
10/17/20172006 The Green Book Immunisation against infectious disease.pdf3,786 KB
01/01/20162006 Direction of Travel.pdf432 KB
01/01/20162005 Health Reform in England.pdf298 KB
03/15/20152003 Victoria Climbie Inquiry.pdf1,788 KB
01/01/20162003 Essence of Care.pdf375 KB
01/01/20162001 Reforming Emergency Care.pdf67 KB
04/27/20182000 The NHS Plan.pdf843 KB

Total: 53.68 MB (56,294,346 Bytes) in: 51 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines Gov/Targets & Tariffs

05/05/2018Tribal Secta AE Mapping Efficiency Project Overview Report.pdf257 KB
05/05/2018Transforming urgent and emergency care.pdf900 KB
05/01/2019Tariffs.docx13 KB
05/06/2019Richard - A&E investigation and treatment code mapping to categories.xlsx23 KB
05/01/2019PbR-Simple-Guide-FINAL.pdf1,007 KB
05/05/2018NHS Key Statistics.pdf444 KB
02/22/2019HRG4+201920GrouperSetup.exe16,917 KB
05/05/2018EC-Weekly-Sitrep-Definitions-v1.0.doc178 KB
05/05/2018Daily__Situation__Report__Guidance_2017_v1.6_Editorial.pdf444 KB
05/01/2019AnnexA_1920_National_tariff_workbook.xlsx634 KB
05/05/2018AE-Guidance3.doc105 KB
05/05/2018AE-Attendances-Emergency-Definitions-v2.0-Final.pdf338 KB
05/06/2019A&E investigation and treatment code mapping to categories.xlsx16 KB
05/05/2018A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions.url0 KB
05/01/20191920_Tariff_glossary.pdf116 KB
05/01/20191920_National_Tariff_Payment_System.pdf703 KB

Total: 21.58 MB (22,632,650 Bytes) in: 16 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines JBDS - Joint British Diabetes Societies

04/10/2019JBDS Guidelines.url0 KB
12/04/2018BSPED Guidelines.url0 KB
02/12/20182017 JBDS Adult DKA Condensed Management Charts.pdf82 KB
12/04/20182015 BSPED Recommended Guideline for the Management of Children and Young People under the age of 18 with DKA.pdf237 KB
12/02/20152015 BSPED DKA.pdf237 KB
12/04/20182015 BSPED DKA Calculator.pdf282 KB
02/12/20182014 JBDS The use of variable rate intravenous insulin infusion VRIII.pdf4,873 KB
12/02/20152013 JBDS Management DKA in Adults.pdf4,313 KB
02/12/20182013 JBDS Hospital management of hypoglycaemia in adults with diabetes.pdf3,622 KB
02/12/20182013 JBDS DKA Emergency Care Pathway.pdf78 KB
12/10/20152012 JBDS Management of Hyperosmolar Hypergycaemic State.pdf3,275 KB
10/07/20112011 JBDS Management of DKA in Adults Discussion.pdf285 KB
02/12/20182010 JBDS Hospital management of hypoglycaemia in adults with diabetes.pdf2,544 KB

Total: 19.36 MB (20,310,008 Bytes) in: 13 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines NICE

12/26/2015TA236 Ticagrelor.pdf223 KB
04/19/2018QS166 Trauma.pdf132 KB
10/20/2017QS161 Sepsis.pdf158 KB
03/07/2018QS155 Low back pain and sciatica.pdf111 KB
03/07/2018QS154 Violent and aggressive behaviour in people with mental health problems.pdf119 KB
04/19/2018QS138 Blood Transfusion.pdf96 KB
12/10/2016QS131 Intravenous fluid therapy in children and young people in hospital.pdf161 KB
08/22/2018QS119 Anaphylaxis.pdf153 KB
04/19/2018QS086 Falls in older people.pdf162 KB
04/19/2018QS074 Head injury.pdf161 KB
08/13/2018QS038 Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed.pdf198 KB
05/31/2019QS025 Asthma.pdf130 KB
12/10/2016QS016 Hip fracture in adults.pdf133 KB
06/26/2014NICE.url0 KB
05/02/2019NG128 Stroke and transient ischaemic attack.pdf183 KB
05/02/2019NG126 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.pdf153 KB
02/13/2019NG118 Renal or ureteric stones.pdf164 KB
12/19/2018NG115 COPD.pdf255 KB
12/19/2018NG115 COPD visual summary.pdf121 KB
12/19/2018NG114 COPD antibiotics.pdf170 KB
12/19/2018NG114 COPD antibiotics visual summary.pdf128 KB
11/13/2018NG112 Urinary tract infection (recurrent).pdf192 KB
11/13/2018NG112 Urinary tract infection (recurrent) quick.pdf142 KB
11/13/2018NG111 Pyelonephritis (acute).pdf171 KB
11/13/2018NG111 Pyelonephritis (acute) quick.pdf151 KB
11/13/2018NG110 Prostatitis (acute).pdf144 KB
11/13/2018NG110 Prostatitis (acute) quick.pdf131 KB
11/13/2018NG109 Urinary tract infection (lower).pdf199 KB
11/13/2018NG109 Urinary tract infection (lower) quick.pdf157 KB
11/13/2018NG108 Decision-making and mental capacity.pdf182 KB
11/13/2018NG107 Renal Replacement Therapy.pdf155 KB
10/19/2018NG104 Pancreatitis.pdf121 KB
08/13/2018NG099 Brain Tumours.pdf279 KB
08/13/2018NG095 Lyme Disease.pdf211 KB
08/13/2018NG095 Lyme Disease visual summary.pdf95 KB
08/13/2018NG094 Emergency And Acute Medical Care Service Delivery.pdf140 KB
08/13/2018NG089 VTE Reducing The Risk.pdf209 KB
08/13/2018NG084 Sore Throat.pdf180 KB
08/13/2018NG084 Sore Throat quick.pdf164 KB
08/13/2018NG081 Glaucoma.pdf183 KB
08/13/2018NG080 Asthma.pdf988 KB
03/07/2018NG079 Sinusitis.pdf161 KB
08/13/2018NG079 Sinusitis visual summary.pdf172 KB
03/07/2018NG076 Child abuse and neglect.pdf660 KB
12/10/2016NG059 Low back pain and sciatica in over 16s assessment and management.pdf111 KB
10/20/2017NG051 Sepsis recognition diagnosis and early management.pdf234 KB
07/25/2016NG045 Routine preoperative tests for elective surgery.pdf111 KB
07/25/2016NG045 Colour poster.pdf117 KB
02/28/2016NG041 Spinal injury.pdf119 KB
12/28/2018NG041 Spinal injury - slides.pdf2,295 KB
02/28/2016NG040 Major trauma service delivery.pdf146 KB
12/28/2018NG040 Major trauma service delivery - slides.pdf1,699 KB
12/27/2018NG039 Major trauma assessment and initial management.pdf126 KB
12/28/2018NG039 Major trauma assessment and initial management - slides.pdf2,300 KB
02/28/2016NG038 Fractures (non-complex) assessment and management.pdf110 KB
12/28/2018NG038 Fractures (non-complex) assessment and management - slides.pdf1,760 KB
12/28/2018NG037 Fractures (complex) assessment and management.pdf119 KB
12/28/2018NG037 Fractures (complex) assessment and management - slides.pdf2,007 KB
12/26/2015NG029 Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Children.pdf1,423 KB
08/13/2018NG024 Blood transfusion.pdf135 KB
12/25/2016NG018 Diabetes in children.pdf310 KB
12/25/2016NG017 Type 1 diabetes in adults.pdf309 KB
09/03/2018NG010 Violence and aggression short-term management.pdf252 KB
12/26/2015NG009 Bronchiolitis in children.pdf152 KB
12/26/2015IPG458 Mechanical clot removal for acute ischaemic stroke.pdf144 KB
12/26/2015IPG386 Therapeutic hypothermia following cardiac arrest.pdf94 KB
12/26/2015IPG361 Insertion of rib reinforcements.pdf92 KB
12/26/2015IPG285 Ultrasound guided regional nerve block.pdf92 KB
12/26/2015DG15 AMI early rule out using high-sensitivity troponin tests.pdf208 KB
12/26/2015CG191 Pneumonia.pdf188 KB
09/03/2018CG188 Gallstone disesae.pdf112 KB
12/26/2015CG187 Acute Heart Failure.pdf187 KB
12/26/2015CG180 Atrial Fibrillation.pdf278 KB
08/19/2018CG176 Head injury patient information.pdf314 KB
12/26/2015CG176 Head Injury Imaging Algorithm.pdf203 KB
12/26/2015CG176 Head Injury full.pdf3,431 KB
12/25/2016CG174 Intravenous fluid therapy in adults.pdf1,002 KB
07/08/2016CG174 Diagram of ongoing losses.pdf245 KB
07/08/2016CG174 Composition of commonly used crystalloids table.pdf193 KB
07/08/2016CG174 Algorithms for iv fluid therapy in adults.pdf261 KB
07/08/2016CG169 Acute Kidney Injury.ppt3,523 KB
07/08/2016CG169 Acute Kidney Injury.pdf176 KB
12/26/2015CG167 Myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation.pdf314 KB
09/05/2018CG161 Falls in older people.pdf141 KB
09/03/2018CG160 Traffic light table.pdf208 KB
09/03/2018CG160 Feverish illness in children.pdf169 KB
12/26/2015CG154 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.pdf203 KB
09/03/2018CG151 Neutropenic sepsis.pdf147 KB
12/25/2016CG150 Headache.pdf170 KB
12/26/2015CG150 Headache full.pdf5,007 KB
12/25/2016CG144 Venous thromboembolic diseases diagnosis, management and thrombophilia testing.pdf149 KB
12/26/2015CG141 Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding old.pdf159 KB
12/10/2016CG141 Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding in over 16s management.pdf98 KB
09/04/2018CG137 The epilepsies.pdf339 KB
03/11/2018CG135 Organ Donation.pdf113 KB
03/01/2017CG134 Anaphylaxis.pdf127 KB
12/24/2016CG124 Hip Fracture Management.pdf144 KB
12/26/2015CG115 Alcohol Use Disorders.pdf2,787 KB
12/26/2015CG115 Alcohol Use Disorders quick.pdf213 KB
12/26/2015CG112 Sedation for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Children.pdf3,721 KB
12/21/2018CG109 Transient loss of consciousness.pdf159 KB
12/19/2018CG109 TLOC.ppt1,028 KB
09/05/2018CG107 Hypertension in pregnancy.pdf177 KB
08/13/2018CG103 Delirium.pdf121 KB
12/19/2018CG102 Meningitis Discharge Advice.pdf103 KB
12/19/2018CG102 Menigitis.ppt685 KB
12/19/2018CG102 Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia.pdf173 KB
12/26/2015CG102 Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia quick.pdf136 KB
12/26/2015CG101 COPD.pdf374 KB
12/26/2015CG101 COPD quick.pdf155 KB
12/10/2016CG095 Chest pain of recent onset assessment assessment and diagnosis.pdf157 KB
12/26/2015CG094 Unstable angina and NSTEMI.pdf189 KB
03/07/2018CG089 Child maltreatment.pdf144 KB
12/26/2015CG075 Matastatic spinal cord compression.pdf202 KB
12/26/2015CG069 Respiratory Tract Infections quick 2008.pdf72 KB
12/26/2015CG069 Respiratory Tract Infections full 2008.pdf630 KB
12/26/2015CG068 Stroke.pdf620 KB
11/13/2018CG054 Urinary tract infection in under 16s.pdf130 KB
12/26/2015CG050 Acutely Ill Patients quick 2007.pdf62 KB
12/26/2015CG050 Acutely Ill Patients full 2007.pdf543 KB
12/26/2015CG025 Violence 2005.pdf260 KB
12/19/2018CG016 Self Halm.ppt643 KB
12/19/2018CG016 Self Halm.pdf143 KB
09/20/20162014_04 3Mg Trial.pdf45,204 KB

Total: 96.92 MB (101,637,432 Bytes) in: 124 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCEM - Royal College of Emergency Medicine

05/25/2019Safety Alerts5,149 KB
05/17/20192019_05 RCEM Drug Misuse and the Emergency Department.pdf530 KB
04/20/20192019_04 RCEM Emergency Department Out of Hours Discharge Medications.pdf238 KB
04/10/20192019_04 EM-POWER Wellness Compendium.pdf667 KB
04/10/20192019_04 EM-POWER A Practical Guide for EM Clinical and Non Clinical Managers Final.pdf311 KB
02/21/20192019_02 RCEM_Ambulatory_Emergency_Care_Toolkit.pdf314 KB
02/21/20192019_02 RCEM Position statement - Advanced Life Support.pdf45 KB
07/16/20192019_01 RCEM Management and Transfer of Patients with a Diagnosis of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm to a Specialist Vascular Centre.pdf214 KB
12/21/20182018_12 RCEM Winter Statement.pdf702 KB
12/13/20182018_12 RCEM SPA Policy.pdf147 KB
12/13/20182018_12 RCEM Recommended Requirements for Locum Consultants in EM.pdf133 KB
01/25/20192018_09 RCEM Workforce Recommendations 2018.pdf462 KB
04/10/20192018_09 EM-POWER Engage and Retain.pdf266 KB
02/21/20192018_02 Directory of Ambulatory Emergency Card for Adults.pdf7,068 KB
08/19/20172017_06_19 RCEM Vision 2020.pdf987 KB
05/11/20172017_04 EDCS - Emergency Care Data Set.pdf1,577 KB
08/10/20172016_06 Consultant Sign-Off - Standard (June 2016).pdf169 KB
08/12/20162016_06 CEM10129 Emergency Department Patients in Police Custody.pdf322 KB
08/18/20162016_05 CEM10128 Pharmacological Agents for Procedural Sedation and Analgesia.pdf612 KB
08/12/20162016_05 CEM10065 Guidelines for Management of Excited Delerium.pdf375 KB
08/12/20162016_02 CEM9910 Management of Radiology Results in the Emergency Department.pdf500 KB
08/13/20162015_12 CEM8821 Acute Ischaemic Stroke and Intravenous Thrombolysis.pdf193 KB
08/12/20162015_12 CEM8819 Reducing redundant activity in the acute Setting.pdf257 KB
12/18/20152015_12 CEM8816 Tackling Emergency Department Crowding.pdf583 KB
08/12/20162015_10 CEM8741 Sexual Assault.pdf223 KB
12/18/20152015_06 CEM8479 Alcohol Toolkit.pdf998 KB
08/12/20162015_03 CEM8309 RCEM Management of Domestic Abuse.pdf178 KB
08/12/20162015_03 CEM8294 End of Life Care for Adults in the ED.pdf433 KB
08/12/20162015_03 CEM8291 Chaperones in Emergency Departments.pdf287 KB
08/13/20162015_03 CEM5616 Alcohol-related harm Position Statement.pdf117 KB
04/10/20192015 Creating successful, satisfying, sustainable careers in Emergency Medicine.pdf642 KB
08/12/20162014_12 CEM4681 Management of Pain in Adults.pdf357 KB
04/07/20192014_09 RCEM Sepsis Trust Sepsis Toolkit.pdf1,200 KB
02/03/20152014_08 Clinical Standards for Emergency Departments.pdf452 KB
08/12/20162014_08 CEM7929 Care of frequent attenders at multiple EDs.pdf183 KB
08/12/20162014_08 CEM7928 Frequent Attenders in the ED.pdf182 KB
08/13/20162014_06 CEM7774 Caring for adult patients suspected of concealed illicit drugs.pdf291 KB
06/16/20142014_06 CEM6296 Crowding in Emergency Departments.pdf279 KB
06/11/20142014_05 CEM7782 SPA Activity Exemplar.pdf541 KB
08/13/20162014_03 Safeguarding Children and Young people - roles and competences for healthcare staff.pdf496 KB
08/13/20162014_03 CEM5360 Intravenous Regional Anaesthesia for Distal Forearm Fractures Biers block.pdf259 KB
04/30/20182014 RCEM Clinical Standard Renal Colic.JPG226 KB
04/10/20192014 Creating successful, satisfying, sustainable careers in Emergency Medicine - Trainees, SAS doctors and Consultants.pdf362 KB
04/10/20192014 Creating successful, satisfying, sustainable careers in Emergency Medicine - Executive Boards and Clinical Directors .pdf359 KB
06/22/20152013_09 CEM7431 Suspected Scaphoid Fractures.pdf401 KB
08/16/20132013_07 CEM7302 Consent, Capacity and Restraint.pdf266 KB
08/16/20132013_07 CEM4682 Management of Pain in Children.pdf247 KB
09/18/20132013_06 CEM7140 Francis Report checklist.pdf238 KB
08/13/20162013_05 CEM7037 The patient who absconds.pdf214 KB
03/02/20132013_02 CEM6883 Mental Health in EDs.pdf325 KB
08/13/20162013_02 CEM6868 Needlestick injuries position statement.pdf209 KB
09/18/20132012_12 CEM6803 IFEM Framework for Quality and Safety.pdf599 KB
05/16/20142012_11 CEM6692 LRI Paracetamol Poisoning Proforma.pdf2,859 KB
07/25/20142012_11 CEM6691 Sedation of Adults.pdf354 KB
08/13/20162012_10 CEM6658 HIV Testing in the ED.pdf407 KB
06/22/20152012_10 CEM6656 Thromboprophylaxis.pdf556 KB
06/22/20152012_06 CEM6603 CG47 Feverish Children.pdf85 KB
08/13/20162012_06 CEM6440 SILVER BOOK.pdf1,142 KB
08/13/20162012_02 CEM6286 Providing a witness statement for the police.pdf200 KB
06/22/20152012_01 CEM6608 CG109 Transient Loss of Conciousness.pdf117 KB
12/18/20152012_01 CEM6602 Summary of DVLA fitness to drive.pdf145 KB
04/21/20172011_12 CEM The Way Ahead.pdf715 KB
08/13/20162011_10 CEM6106 Providing pre-transfusion blood samples for the police Position-Statement.pdf127 KB
08/13/20162011_04 CEM5898 Triage Position Statement.pdf102 KB
09/24/20132011_03 CEM5832 Quality Indicators.pdf220 KB
10/14/20182011 RCEM Recommended requirements for locum consultants in EM.pdf99 KB
02/03/20152010_12 CEM5744 Consultant Sign-Off.pdf37 KB
02/04/20112010_11 CEM Cervical Spine Injury.pdf635 KB
03/27/20122010_11 CEM Cervical Spine Injury Summary.pdf1,118 KB
06/22/20152010_04 CEM5318 CG92 VTE.pdf69 KB
06/22/20152009_12 CEM5075 TCA Overdose.pdf336 KB
06/22/20152009_12 CEM5074 Lone acute severe headache.pdf263 KB
06/22/20152009_12 CEM5073 First seizure.pdf225 KB
06/22/20152009_12 CEM5072 Acute allergic reaction.pdf253 KB
06/22/20152009_09 CEM4880 Ketamine sedation of children.pdf99 KB
08/10/20172009_07 Unscheduled care facilities (2009).pdf47 KB
11/30/20102008_12 CEM4718 LRI Sepsis Proforma.pdf1,148 KB
04/10/20192008_04_15 Sedation of adult patients - Addenbrookes.pdf180 KB

Total: 43.01 MB (45,099,934 Bytes) in: 97 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCEM - Royal College of Emergency Medicine/Safety Alerts

04/15/2018RCEM Safety Newsflash Alerts.url0 KB
05/25/20192019_05 RCEM Safety Alert - Silver Nitrate.pdf198 KB
04/07/20192019_03 RCEM Safety Alert - Take your breaks and stay safe.pdf189 KB
12/19/20182018_12 RCEM Legal Learning Case - Accurate Waiting Time Information.pdf211 KB
08/24/20182018_08 RCEM Clinical Learning Case - COCAINE INDUCED BOWEL ISCHAEMIA.pdf186 KB
06/24/20182018_06 RCEM Safety Alert - Absconding June 2018.pdf205 KB
04/15/20182018_04 RCEM Safety Alert - Pressure Ulcers.pdf265 KB
02/10/20182018_02 RCEM Safety Newsflash - Death after Fascia Iliaca Block.pdf174 KB
12/06/20172017_11 RCEM Safety Newsflash - Time Critical Medicines.pdf426 KB
10/25/20172017_10 RCEM Safety Newsflash - Abnormal Results.pdf348 KB
04/15/20182017_08 RCEM Safety Newsflash - Retained Guidewire.pdf447 KB
04/15/20182017_07 RCEM Safety Alert - Oramorph.pdf316 KB
04/15/20182017_05 RCEM Safety Alert - Insulin Errors.pdf138 KB
04/15/20182017_01 RCEM Safety Alert - Missed Hip injury.pdf456 KB
04/15/20182016_11 RCEM Safety Alert - Phenytoin Toxicity.pdf274 KB
04/15/20182016_10 RCEM Safety Alert - Abdominal Pain.pdf297 KB
04/15/20182016_09 RCEM Safety Alert - Oral Dentures.pdf190 KB
04/15/20182016_03 RCEM Safety Alert - Missed aortic dissection.pdf323 KB
04/15/20182015_08 NHS England Definition of Never Events.pdf495 KB

Total: 5.02 MB (5,272,775 Bytes) in: 19 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCOG - Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

04/16/2018RCOG Guidelines Website.url0 KB
06/20/2019O&G Guidelines.pdf83 KB
05/02/2019O&G Guidelines.docx21 KB
05/02/2019NG126 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.pdf153 KB
03/11/2018GTG-69 The Management of Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.pdf443 KB
03/11/2018GTG-68 Epilepsy in Pregnancy.pdf779 KB
03/11/2018GTG-63 Antepartum Haemorrhage.pdf265 KB
03/11/2018GTG-56 Maternal Collapse in Pregnancy and the Puerperium.pdf553 KB
04/12/2019GTG-52 Prevention and Management of Postpartum Haemorehage.pdf1,773 KB
03/11/2018GTG-41 The Initial Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain.pdf350 KB
03/11/2018GTG-37b Thromboembolic Disease in Pregnancy and the Puerperium.pdf6,568 KB
03/11/2018GTG-26 Operative Vaginal Delivery.pdf324 KB
03/03/2018GTG-25 The Management of Early Pregnancy Loss.pdf327 KB
03/11/2018GTG-21 Diagnosis and Management of Ectopic Pregnancy.pdf1,429 KB
03/11/2018GTG-13 Chickenpox in Pregnancy.pdf421 KB
03/11/2018GTG-05 The Management of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.pdf388 KB
09/05/2018CG107 Hypertension in pregnancy.pdf177 KB
04/16/20182014 BCSH Guideline for the use of anti-D in pregnancy.pdf590 KB
03/11/20182011_06 BASHH UK National Guideline for the Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.pdf76 KB

Total: 14.38 MB (15,082,625 Bytes) in: 19 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCP - Royal College of Physcians

08/16/2018RCP 2017 NEWS2 final report.pdf2,522 KB
08/16/2018RCP 2017 NEWS2 Executive Summary.pdf512 KB
08/16/2018RCP 2017 NEWS2 Chart 4_Clinical response to NEWS trigger thresholds.pdf153 KB
08/21/2018RCP 2017 NEWS2 Chart 3_NEWS observation chart.pdf170 KB
08/16/2018RCP 2017 NEWS2 Chart 2_NEWS thresholds and triggers.pdf97 KB
08/16/2018RCP 2017 NEWS2 Chart 1_The NEWS scoring system.pdf172 KB
05/29/2014RCP 2012 NEWS score.pdf693 KB
10/09/2017RCP 2011 Emergency oxygen use in adults concise guideline.pdf425 KB
10/09/2017RCP 2010 Transient ischemic attack concise guideline.pdf262 KB
10/09/2017RCP 2009 Emergency treatment of anaphylaxis in adults.pdf360 KB
04/11/2015RCP 2008 Working The Night Shift.pdf155 KB
10/09/2017RCP 2008 The use of NIV in the management of patients with copd.pdf455 KB
10/09/2017RCP 2008 NIV in COPD concise guidance to good practice.pdf63 KB
12/04/2018RCP 2008 Concise chronic spinal cord injury guidelines.pdf72 KB

Total: 5.97 MB (6,265,605 Bytes) in: 14 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCR - Royal College of Radiologists

08/07/2018RCR Guide to IRMER.pdf352 KB
08/12/2018MRI with pacemeker.pdf809 KB
04/20/20182017 RCR Standards for providing a 24h IR service.pdf243 KB
04/20/20182015 RCR Standards of practice and guidance for trauma radiology second edition.pdf919 KB
11/25/20142014 RCR Paediatric Trauma Prococols.pdf788 KB
04/20/20182011 RCR Standards of practice and guidance for trauma radiology.pdf560 KB
04/01/20172001 RCR Referral guidelines for imaging.pdf404 KB

Total: 3.98 MB (4,176,585 Bytes) in: 7 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCUK - Resuscitation Council UK

04/13/20192015 Anaphylaxis1,163 KB
07/28/2013Resusitation Council UK.url0 KB
09/14/2017Resusitation Council UK 2015 Videos.url0 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Treatment Algorithm A4.pdf128 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Prognostication for Comatose Survivors of Cardiac Arrest A4.pdf154 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Post-resuscitation Care A3.pdf139 KB
09/13/20172015 Poster Paediatric emergency drug chart.pdf678 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Paediatric Advanced Life Support A3.pdf106 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Newborn Life Support A4.pdf124 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Adult Tachycardia (with pulse) Algorithm A4.pdf68 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Adult Bradycardia Algorithm A4.pdf65 KB
09/14/20172015 Poster Adult Advanced Life Support A3.pdf245 KB
09/13/20172015 12 Education and implementation of resuscitation.pdf1,884 KB
09/14/20172015 11 Peri-arrest arrhythmias.pdf2,800 KB
09/14/20172015 10 Prevention of cardiac arrest and decisions about CPR.pdf4,562 KB
09/14/20172015 09 Post-resuscitation care.pdf9,012 KB
09/14/20172015 08 In hospital resusitation.pdf3,755 KB
09/14/20172015 07 Prehospital resuscitation.pdf12,641 KB
09/14/20172015 06 Resuscitation and support of transition of babies at birth.pdf5,646 KB
09/14/20172015 05 Paediatric ALS.pdf3,331 KB
09/14/20172015 04 Paediatric BLS.pdf3,106 KB
08/08/20182015 03 Adult ALS.pdf55,816 KB
08/08/20182015 02 Adult BLS and automated external defibrillation.pdf33,905 KB
08/08/20182015 01 Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 Introduction.pdf2,373 KB

Total: 138.39 MB (145,115,660 Bytes) in: 27 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RCUK - Resuscitation Council UK/2015 Anaphylaxis

01/29/20182012 Emergency treatment of Anaphylactic Reactions.pdf503 KB
01/29/20182008 Presentation Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions.pdf465 KB
01/29/20182008 Poster Anaphylactic reactions – initial treatment.pdf92 KB
01/29/20182008 Poster Anaphylactic algorithm.pdf102 KB

Total: 1.13 MB (1,191,931 Bytes) in: 4 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RSH - Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

06/09/2017West Midlands Paediatric Sexual Assult Service Professionals.pdf929 KB
06/09/2017West Midlands Paediatric Sexual Assult Service Clients.pdf812 KB
07/03/2019W31 - Handling Concerns about Doctors and Dentists.pdf454 KB
09/25/2018Under 16s attending A + E (DSH) Flow chart.docx110 KB
05/27/2017RRO Out of Hours CT Glinical Guidelines.pdf409 KB
09/20/2018Isoprenaline Hydrochloride.docx13 KB
07/24/20192019_06_24 Management of Suspected PE.pdf1,639 KB
07/03/20192019_06_17 One Minute Brief UTI.pdf503 KB
06/11/20192019_06 Renal Colic.pdf634 KB
12/18/20182018_08 CVC insertion.pdf266 KB
11/13/20182018_08 Antibiotic Guidelines 15.1.pdf1,592 KB
07/11/20182018_07 Asthma Discharge Plan.pdf1,626 KB
07/07/20192018_06_19 TIA Pro-forma v2 0.pdf258 KB
07/07/20192018_01_29 TIA Pro-forma v2 0.pdf274 KB
10/03/20172017_08 PCC Octaplex.pdf636 KB
12/28/20172017_08 Massive Haemorrhage Paediatric.pdf939 KB
12/28/20172017_08 Massive Haemorrhage Paediatric Flowchart.pdf222 KB
11/29/20182017_01 VTE in Patients Requiring a Lower Limb Cast.pdf42 KB
07/05/20172017_01 TIA Referral Pathway.pdf140 KB
07/05/20172017_01 TIA Referral Form.pdf125 KB
08/08/20172016_11 Suspected ACS Pathway.pdf167 KB
08/08/20172016_11 Procedural Sedation of Adult Patients.pdf290 KB
04/03/20172016_11 Fascia Iliaca Block.pdf174 KB
03/31/20172016_10_20 Pneumonia SOP.pdf12 KB
11/18/20162016_10_20 Pneumonia Pathway Final.ppt348 KB
06/14/20152015_06 Tetanus Post Exposure Prophylaxis.pdf835 KB
03/31/20172015_01 Self Harm in Children & Young People.pdf288 KB
12/28/20172015_01 Massive Haemorrhage Adults.pdf793 KB
12/28/20172015_01 Massive Haemorrhage Adults Flowchart.pdf216 KB
11/03/20142014_10 Amiodarone.pdf79 KB
11/03/20142014_07 Referral and Cross Site Transfer Policy.pdf75 KB
11/03/20142014_07 DVT.pdf142 KB
06/05/20142014_06 Adult Head Injuries 06_14.pdf61 KB
11/03/20142014_03 Sedation in The ED PRH.pdf60 KB
08/26/20142013_12 Facial Palsy.pdf117 KB
11/03/20142013_05 Isoprenaline.pdf61 KB
11/03/20142013_05 Intravenous Salbutamol.pdf40 KB
11/03/20142013_05 GTN.pdf33 KB
11/03/20142013_05 Glucagon for Drug Overdose.pdf64 KB
11/03/20142013_05 Dobutamine.pdf89 KB
11/03/20142013_05 Aminophylline.pdf76 KB
11/03/20142013_02 Phenytoin Loading.pdf80 KB
11/03/20142012_12 Paracetamol Overdose.pdf445 KB
05/14/20152012_08 Alcohol Detox Pathway.pdf88 KB
06/22/20152012_02 First Fit.pdf123 KB
04/10/20172011_11 VTE.pdf2,241 KB
09/11/20172011_11 Suspected Pulmonary Embolus Pathway.pdf122 KB
05/01/20142011_04 DKA and Hypoglycaemia.pdf61 KB
10/07/20172010_06 DKA Management Pathway.pdf90 KB
10/12/20152010_06 DKA Management Chart A3.pdf1,602 KB
04/12/20122009_02 Management of Warfarin Reversal.pdf85 KB

Total: 20.12 MB (21,098,856 Bytes) in: 51 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines RWH - Royal Wolverhampton Hospital

05/19/20142011 RWH Hand Surgery-Guidelines for post-op treatment.pdf30 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH TIA guideline.pdf38 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Stroke guideline.pdf96 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Spontaneous Pheumothorax.pdf58 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Sickle Cell Crisis.pdf50 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH SAH.pdf28 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Pulmonary Embolism.pdf58 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Neutropenic Sepsis.pdf43 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Hospital Acquired Pneumonia.pdf43 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Fever in the Returning Traveller.pdf24 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Exacerbation of COPD.pdf35 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH DVT.pdf52 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Community Acquired Pneumonia.pdf61 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Asthma.pdf37 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Antibiotic Guidelines.pdf296 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding.pdf48 KB
12/22/20102010 RWH Acute Kidney Injury.pdf328 KB
12/22/20102009 RWH Hypothermia in Older People.pdf124 KB
12/22/20102009 RWH Chronic Liver Failure.pdf92 KB
12/22/20102009 RWH Alcohol Withdrawal.pdf51 KB
12/22/20102009 RWH Acute Liver Failure.pdf78 KB
12/22/20102009 RWH Acute Confusion.pdf71 KB
02/04/20112008 RWH Urinary Retention.pdf57 KB
12/22/20102008 RWH Diabetes In Hospital Care.pdf3,700 KB
12/22/20102007 RWH Cardiac Arrhythmias.pdf82 KB
06/22/20152006 RWH Stroke TPA Protocol.pdf111 KB
06/22/20152006 RWH Stroke TPA dose chart.pdf30 KB

Total: 5.60 MB (5,873,434 Bytes) in: 27 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines Sedation

06/05/2017Sedation Record Royal Prince Alfred.pdf50 KB
06/07/2017Sedation Record Northern Sydney Central Coast.pdf149 KB
09/23/2018Procedural Sedation Checklist v2 emupdates.com.pdf265 KB
10/19/2018Procedural Sedation Checklist EMCrit.pdf114 KB

Total: 579.88 KB (593,800 Bytes) in: 4 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines SIGN - Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

05/22/2018SIGN155 2018 Migraine Treatment Pathway.pdf133 KB
05/22/2018SIGN155 2018 Migraine quick reference.pdf273 KB
05/22/2018SIGN155 2018 Migraine full.pdf1,036 KB
05/22/2018SIGN148 2016 Acute Coronary Syndrome quick reference.pdf271 KB
05/22/2018SIGN148 2016 Acute Coronary Syndrome full.pdf951 KB
05/22/2018SIGN110 2009 Early management of patients with a head injury quick reference child.pdf269 KB
05/22/2018SIGN110 2009 Early management of patients with a head injury quick reference adult.pdf220 KB
05/22/2018SIGN110 2009 Early management of patients with a head injury full.pdf4,658 KB
06/10/2014SIGN107 2008 Diagnosis and management of headache in adults.pdf1,121 KB
10/22/2010SIGN093-97 2007 Heart Disease quick 2007.pdf479 KB
05/22/2018SIGN Home.url0 KB
05/22/2018SIGN Guidelines list by date.url0 KB

Total: 9.19 MB (9,642,735 Bytes) in: 12 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines Stroke

06/17/1997Stroke Minimum Data Set2.pdf133 KB
08/18/2009Stroke Minimum Data Set.pdf8 KB
08/18/2009Short Orientation Memory Concentration Test.pdf4 KB
08/18/2009Rivermead Mobility Index.pdf6 KB
08/18/2009Rivermead EADL Index.pdf5 KB
08/18/2009Nottingham EADL Index.pdf4 KB
05/13/2014NIHSS Score Sheet.pdf12 KB
05/13/2014NIHSS Diagrams.pdf307 KB
11/20/2008NIH Stroke Scale.pdf494 KB
11/20/2008NIH Stroke Scale Booklet.pdf1,436 KB
08/18/2009Motricity Index.pdf5 KB
08/18/2009Modified Rankin Scale.pdf5 KB
08/18/2009MMSE.pdf4 KB
11/20/2008HospitalStrokeScales.pdf97 KB
08/18/2009Hodkinson MTS.pdf4 KB
08/18/2009Barthel ADL Index.pdf2 KB

Total: 2.47 MB (2,595,270 Bytes) in: 16 File(s)

Index of EM Guidlines West Mids Trauma

10/06/2017West Midlands Critical Care & Trauma Networks.url0 KB
01/31/2019West Midlands Critical Care & Trauma Networks Guidelines.url0 KB
01/31/2019TU (LEH) to MTC Transfer 2018.pdf422 KB
01/31/2019Trauma Triage Tool 2015.pdf649 KB
02/15/2012Trauma Triage Tool 2011 v2.3.pdf69 KB
11/03/2015Trauma Handbook v5 2014.pdf3,893 KB
06/22/2015Tranexamic Acid in Trauma.pdf46 KB
10/06/2017NORSE Account Registration for referrers.pdf945 KB
06/22/2015Family carer information UHCW.pdf82 KB
06/22/2015Family carer information UHB.pdf69 KB
06/22/2015Family carer information BCH.pdf68 KB
01/28/2019ATMIST.png19 KB
01/26/2019ATMIST Handover.jpg75 KB
01/31/20192018_08 Network Transfer Policy.pdf1,465 KB
01/31/20192018_04_18 Adult and Paediatric Major Haemorrhage.docx174 KB
01/31/20192018 Trauma Team Activation.docx307 KB
02/13/20122012_01 Network Transfer Policy.pdf278 KB

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