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2018 NHSE Major Incident and Mass Casualty Events.pdf8.50 MB
A Guide to Facial Fractures.pdf2.84 MB
ALSG - Emergency Triage, Third Edition.pdf4.33 MB
ALSG - Major Incident Medical Management and Support - Hospital.pdf43.60 MB
ALSG - Major Incident Medical Management and Support - Scene.pdf1.55 MB
APLS CBRN Prepardness.pdf7.63 MB
APLS Critical Proceedures.pdf33.74 MB
APLS V Manual.pdf118.23 MB
Atlas of Emergency Medicine 4th Edition 2016.pdf193.68 MB
ATLS 10th Edition Student Manual.pdf65.25 MB
Emergency Medicine Secrets, 5th Edition 2011.pdf10.48 MB
Ethicon Wound Closure Manual.pdf2.46 MB
Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine 10th Edition 2021.pdf112.72 MB
Mapleson's Classification.pdf243.99 KB
Mastering Emergency Medicine.pdf55.80 MB
Oral Health Manual.pdf5.71 MB
Paediatric Blast Injury Field Manual.pdf3.28 MB
RCEM COVID-19-ibook.pdf3.99 MB
RCEM Learning Books.url128 B
Revision Notes for the FRCEM Primary.pdf13.12 MB
Rosen's Emergency Medicine -Concepts and Clinical Practice 8th Edition 2014.pdf237.51 MB
RUSH-FOAMed-Version.pdf4.89 MB
SGEM Season 1.pdf81.72 MB
SGEM Season 2.pdf38.15 MB
SGEM Season 3.pdf17.79 MB
SGEM Season 4.pdf14.09 MB
SGEM Season 5.pdf29.25 MB
SGEM Season 6.pdf53.34 MB
SGEM Season 7.pdf34.54 MB
St Emlyns 101 Lessons from Sydney HEMS.pdf12.51 MB
St Emlyns Journal Club 2018.pdf22.06 MB
St Emlyns Journal Club 2019.pdf21.41 MB
St Emlyns Risk, Probability and Decisions in Emergency Medicine.pdf14.09 MB
St Emlyns The Resuscitationist's Guide to Health and Wellbeing.pdf9.29 MB
The ECG in Acute MI.pdf49.76 MB
Tintinallis Emergency Medicine 8th Edition 2016.pdf261.12 MB
Traumatic Brain Injury.pdf9.89 MB

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