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RCOG Guidelines Website.url31.05.20200 KB
GTG-26 Assisted Vaginal Birth.pdf29.04.20201,227 KB
GTG-56 Maternal Collapse in Pregnancy and the Puerperium Dec 2019.pdf01.12.2019887 KB
NG126 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.pdf17.04.2019153 KB
GTG-52 Prevention and Management of Postpartum Haemorehage.pdf01.12.20161,773 KB
GTG-21 Diagnosis and Management of Ectopic Pregnancy.pdf01.11.20161,429 KB
GTG-68 Epilepsy in Pregnancy.pdf01.06.2016779 KB
GTG-69 The Management of Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.pdf01.06.2016443 KB
GTG-05 The Management of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.pdf01.02.2016388 KB
GTG-37a Thromboembolic Disease in Pregnancy and the Puerperium Reducing the Risk.pdf13.04.201583 KB
GTG-37b Thromboembolic Disease in Pregnancy and the Puerperium Acute Management.pdf13.04.20156,568 KB
GTG-13 Chickenpox in Pregnancy.pdf01.01.2015421 KB
2014 BCSH Guideline for the use of anti-D in pregnancy.pdf17.11.2013590 KB
GTG-41 The Initial Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain.pdf01.05.2012350 KB
GTG-63 Antepartum Haemorrhage.pdf01.11.2011265 KB
2011_06 BASHH UK National Guideline for the Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.pdf01.06.201176 KB