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31.05.2019QS025 Asthma.pdf130 KB
02.05.2019NG128 Stroke and transient ischaemic attack.pdf183 KB
02.05.2019NG126 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.pdf153 KB
13.02.2019NG118 Renal or ureteric stones.pdf164 KB
28.12.2018NG039 Major trauma assessment and initial management - slides.pdf2,300 KB
28.12.2018NG038 Fractures (non-complex) assessment and management - slides.pdf1,760 KB
28.12.2018NG037 Fractures (complex) assessment and management - slides.pdf2,007 KB
28.12.2018NG041 Spinal injury - slides.pdf2,295 KB
28.12.2018NG040 Major trauma service delivery - slides.pdf1,699 KB
28.12.2018NG037 Fractures (complex) assessment and management.pdf119 KB
27.12.2018NG039 Major trauma assessment and initial management.pdf126 KB
21.12.2018CG109 Transient loss of consciousness.pdf159 KB
19.12.2018NG114 COPD antibiotics visual summary.pdf128 KB
19.12.2018NG114 COPD antibiotics.pdf170 KB
19.12.2018NG115 COPD visual summary.pdf121 KB
19.12.2018NG115 COPD.pdf255 KB
19.12.2018CG016 Self Halm.ppt643 KB
19.12.2018CG016 Self Halm.pdf143 KB
19.12.2018CG102 Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia.pdf173 KB
19.12.2018CG102 Meningitis Discharge Advice.pdf103 KB
19.12.2018CG102 Menigitis.ppt685 KB
19.12.2018CG109 TLOC.ppt1,028 KB
13.11.2018NG112 Urinary tract infection (recurrent) quick.pdf142 KB
13.11.2018NG112 Urinary tract infection (recurrent).pdf192 KB
13.11.2018NG111 Pyelonephritis (acute) quick.pdf151 KB
13.11.2018NG111 Pyelonephritis (acute).pdf171 KB
13.11.2018NG110 Prostatitis (acute) quick.pdf131 KB
13.11.2018NG110 Prostatitis (acute).pdf144 KB
13.11.2018NG109 Urinary tract infection (lower) quick.pdf157 KB
13.11.2018NG109 Urinary tract infection (lower).pdf199 KB
13.11.2018NG108 Decision-making and mental capacity.pdf182 KB
13.11.2018NG107 Renal Replacement Therapy.pdf155 KB
13.11.2018CG054 Urinary tract infection in under 16s.pdf130 KB
19.10.2018NG104 Pancreatitis.pdf121 KB
05.09.2018CG161 Falls in older people.pdf141 KB
05.09.2018CG107 Hypertension in pregnancy.pdf177 KB
04.09.2018CG137 The epilepsies.pdf339 KB
03.09.2018NG010 Violence and aggression short-term management.pdf252 KB
03.09.2018CG151 Neutropenic sepsis.pdf147 KB
03.09.2018CG160 Traffic light table.pdf208 KB
03.09.2018CG188 Gallstone disesae.pdf112 KB
03.09.2018CG160 Feverish illness in children.pdf169 KB
22.08.2018QS119 Anaphylaxis.pdf153 KB
19.08.2018CG176 Head injury patient information.pdf314 KB
13.08.2018NG024 Blood transfusion.pdf135 KB
13.08.2018NG079 Sinusitis visual summary.pdf172 KB
13.08.2018NG095 Lyme Disease visual summary.pdf95 KB
13.08.2018NG084 Sore Throat quick.pdf164 KB
13.08.2018CG103 Delirium.pdf121 KB
13.08.2018NG094 Emergency And Acute Medical Care Service Delivery.pdf140 KB
13.08.2018NG089 VTE Reducing The Risk.pdf209 KB
13.08.2018NG095 Lyme Disease.pdf211 KB
13.08.2018NG099 Brain Tumours.pdf279 KB
13.08.2018QS038 Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed.pdf198 KB
13.08.2018NG081 Glaucoma.pdf183 KB
13.08.2018NG080 Asthma.pdf988 KB
13.08.2018NG084 Sore Throat.pdf180 KB
19.04.2018QS074 Head injury.pdf161 KB
19.04.2018QS086 Falls in older people.pdf162 KB
19.04.2018QS138 Blood Transfusion.pdf96 KB
19.04.2018QS166 Trauma.pdf132 KB
11.03.2018CG135 Organ Donation.pdf113 KB
07.03.2018QS154 Violent and aggressive behaviour in people with mental health problems.pdf119 KB
07.03.2018QS155 Low back pain and sciatica.pdf111 KB
07.03.2018NG079 Sinusitis.pdf161 KB
07.03.2018NG076 Child abuse and neglect.pdf660 KB
07.03.2018CG089 Child maltreatment.pdf144 KB
20.10.2017QS161 Sepsis.pdf158 KB
20.10.2017NG051 Sepsis recognition diagnosis and early management.pdf234 KB
01.03.2017CG134 Anaphylaxis.pdf127 KB
25.12.2016NG017 Type 1 diabetes in adults.pdf309 KB
25.12.2016NG018 Diabetes in children.pdf310 KB
25.12.2016CG174 Intravenous fluid therapy in adults.pdf1,002 KB
25.12.2016CG150 Headache.pdf170 KB
25.12.2016CG144 Venous thromboembolic diseases diagnosis, management and thrombophilia testing.pdf149 KB
24.12.2016CG124 Hip Fracture Management.pdf144 KB
10.12.2016NG059 Low back pain and sciatica in over 16s assessment and management.pdf111 KB
10.12.2016QS131 Intravenous fluid therapy in children and young people in hospital.pdf161 KB
10.12.2016CG095 Chest pain of recent onset assessment assessment and diagnosis.pdf157 KB
10.12.2016QS016 Hip fracture in adults.pdf133 KB
10.12.2016CG141 Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding in over 16s management.pdf98 KB
20.09.20162014_04 3Mg Trial.pdf45,204 KB
25.07.2016NG045 Colour poster.pdf117 KB
25.07.2016NG045 Routine preoperative tests for elective surgery.pdf111 KB
08.07.2016CG174 Diagram of ongoing losses.pdf245 KB
08.07.2016CG174 Composition of commonly used crystalloids table.pdf193 KB
08.07.2016CG174 Algorithms for iv fluid therapy in adults.pdf261 KB
08.07.2016CG169 Acute Kidney Injury.ppt3,523 KB
08.07.2016CG169 Acute Kidney Injury.pdf176 KB
28.02.2016NG040 Major trauma service delivery.pdf146 KB
28.02.2016NG041 Spinal injury.pdf119 KB
28.02.2016NG038 Fractures (non-complex) assessment and management.pdf110 KB
26.12.2015NG029 Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Children.pdf1,423 KB
26.12.2015NG009 Bronchiolitis in children.pdf152 KB
26.12.2015IPG458 Mechanical clot removal for acute ischaemic stroke.pdf144 KB
26.12.2015IPG386 Therapeutic hypothermia following cardiac arrest.pdf94 KB
26.12.2015IPG361 Insertion of rib reinforcements.pdf92 KB
26.12.2015CG025 Violence 2005.pdf260 KB
26.12.2015CG050 Acutely Ill Patients full 2007.pdf543 KB
26.12.2015CG050 Acutely Ill Patients quick 2007.pdf62 KB
26.12.2015CG068 Stroke.pdf620 KB
26.12.2015CG069 Respiratory Tract Infections full 2008.pdf630 KB
26.12.2015CG069 Respiratory Tract Infections quick 2008.pdf72 KB
26.12.2015CG075 Matastatic spinal cord compression.pdf202 KB
26.12.2015CG094 Unstable angina and NSTEMI.pdf189 KB
26.12.2015CG101 COPD quick.pdf155 KB
26.12.2015CG101 COPD.pdf374 KB
26.12.2015CG102 Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia quick.pdf136 KB
26.12.2015CG112 Sedation for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Children.pdf3,721 KB
26.12.2015CG115 Alcohol Use Disorders quick.pdf213 KB
26.12.2015CG115 Alcohol Use Disorders.pdf2,787 KB
26.12.2015CG141 Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding old.pdf159 KB
26.12.2015CG150 Headache full.pdf5,007 KB
26.12.2015CG154 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.pdf203 KB
26.12.2015CG167 Myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation.pdf314 KB
26.12.2015CG176 Head Injury full.pdf3,431 KB
26.12.2015CG176 Head Injury Imaging Algorithm.pdf203 KB
26.12.2015CG180 Atrial Fibrillation.pdf278 KB
26.12.2015CG187 Acute Heart Failure.pdf187 KB
26.12.2015CG191 Pneumonia.pdf188 KB
26.12.2015DG15 AMI early rule out using high-sensitivity troponin tests.pdf208 KB
26.12.2015IPG285 Ultrasound guided regional nerve block.pdf92 KB
26.12.2015TA236 Ticagrelor.pdf223 KB
26.06.2014NICE.url0 KB

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